Building steel products drops to be not moved, go up faint germ
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Current, the concussion that builds rolled steel market and potential benefit are good cannot get express to release have bigger concern. Of course the view with optimistic discretion of the city after the ceaseless conformity of area of this kind of value does not affect us to keep right.

Suffer product line overhaul and the effect that winter lays in, home moved price of building steel products on old steel mill each, for instance, an Gang price of steel of whorl of 16-25mmHRB335 of the 18 attune on day 40 yuan / ton, whorl of norms of 12mm, 14mm, round steel 20 yuan / ton; And aid source steelworks is synchronous also to 40 yuan are being moved on whorl steel / ton. Below the effort of each steelworks, general of domestic building steel products is ubiquitous 3450~3650 yuan / ton one belt keeps stable, this reflects the improvement that gave basic side not just, the profit consciousness that more main is manufacturer begins to increase, price alliance produces effect ceaselessly, and the psychology that arranges the market begins gradually from early days low fan stability was not moved toward in steady state, the person energy of life of the market begins to anabiosis, basically cast off adjustment pressure. Of course, of policy face to good this kind of behavior that is each big normal manufacturer provided explicit safeguard, show is apparent is the development of measure of macroscopical adjusting control, recently, shanxi begins to carry out right bar iron to produce shelter feature to undertake permanent the measure that cut off the power, in order to ensure the quality of the product, its set, qualitative inspect branch is in after investigating nest of ground bar iron to nod, full name of address of the name that wants to will violate enterprise or shelter feature inside 3 days, production, owner includes blacklist, report local fulgurite branch, and power supply branch also must be in 3 undertake cutting off the power to its in the day, cut off the power to want to last to illegal enterprise or black shelter feature to close all the time after stopping. This ensured the building steel products with technical higher content in virtually yes the stability of significant demand market, those who avoided market price style is disorder, this will make more places take similar step, it is winter demand thereby off-season form “ the price of off-season not weak ” moved condition to provide support. Another main factor is finance policy, although since this year government relatively apt changes active finance policy, outstanding performance reduces deficit and public investment namely, but this is not equal to investment the market and monetary market trend are negative, greatly finance policy trend is dovish, neuter 2005 will inevitable. Transition of this one policy shows home has begun to walk out of deflationary shadow, and way of market economy movement is beginning to undertake resource allocation effectively stage by stage, price lever suffers the effect of supply demand relations not only, relations of more rate of exchange that will be come from an international market are pulled move, the rolled steel price that regards international as a large amount of goods and materials goes situation still can say to have the capacity that pick up below current agio condition, steelworks effect will be more apparent.
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