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BHP Billiton is facing delay situation again in the alumina refinery project of West Africa Guinea.

At the beginning of November, BHP and joint-stock Fang Di do obeisance to aluminous estate company and Mubadala to develop company agreement to pay company of alumina of Canadian whole world the money of 100 million dollar, in order to negotiate development alumina refinery.

According to the agreement, the share of 1/3 of refinery of BHP general hold, will represent the progress case of project of joint-stock business be in charge. BHP sets 3 development site in Guinea, but have not involve bauxite item.

This agreement can be signed on November 30 originally, but before expire the company announced delay again a month. And right now, global alumina company already obtained the money of 20 million dollar, state it will reach formal agreement inside a week. Last week, global alumina company extends deadline again to on January 12.

At present global alumina company had inducted the money of 22 million dollar.

Before come to an agreement, company obverse side faces the situation that cash is in short supply, because international of A couplet chief of a tribe invests a company already evacuate the finance agreement of 50 million dollar.

Negotiate authority to will expire on March 31 by the joint ventures of BHP dominant.

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