Taiyuan corundum predicts gigantic deficient 375 million yuan
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Although corundum of the Taiyuan before this has predicted annual loss, but will gigantic deficient 375 million yuan message still makes a person astonied.

Taiyuan corundum releases outstanding achievement to have a deficit beforehand now announcement expresses, predicting company 2006 1 come to controlled deficit 375 million yuan in December. Specific reason, when did the company say.

According to the explanation of Taiyuan corundum, because the company undertakes adjustment to industrial structure,be, plan carry asset to decrease preparation of value preparation, receivable money bad Zhang and goods in stock to cheapen preparation; 2 it is the effect that suffers environmental protection and power supply element, palm corundum crop decreases, basic charge of electricity adds the unit considerably; 3 it is nonferrous metal kind of raw material purchase the price to rise considerably, and lag of product sale price.

Taiyuan corundum already appeared when metaphase 2006 deficit, but the outstanding achievement that 3 quarterly reports of company show still is deficit only seventy-five million nine hundred and seven thousand four hundred yuan. After announcing 3 quarterly reports, the fourth quarter is medium 2006, besides express company general the long-term equity of industrial to accusing report of magnetism of corundum of share company Taiyuan limited company invests remaining sum forteen million seven hundred and sixteen thousand one hundred yuan (up to on September 30, 2006) sum plan carries the preparation that reduce a cost besides, the company was not announced other and big plan carry item. Outstanding achievement is at present gigantic deficient a little unexpected rather.

According to Taiyuan corundum the regular report before this, the main product of this company is corundum of neodymium iron boron, stereo storehouse, palm to wait, 3 quarterly reports of company showed 2006, the gross profit of these 3 main products is led all not tall, some is negative worth even. 2006 1 to in September, the company came true of 299 million advocate business Wu income, but business profit however deficit sixty-seven million one hundred and thirty-three thousand yuan, can see, except advocate house of business Wu cost does not fall high besides, the overhead expenses photograph of company of before 3 season is compared on year the corresponding period was to break up one time almost, from this farther also be a burden on outstanding achievement expression.

The data of accurate outstanding achievement of Taiyuan corundum still is waited for 2006 the detailed exposure of annals. Nevertheless, notable is, in October 2006 end, taiyuan corundum ever released correlation to trade announcement expresses, the company will suffer the Taiyuan corundum estate that lets accuse a hold of place of partner corundum group 190 million yuan to develop limited company with own reserves the equity of 100% . The reason that trades this, the company shows, it is to accuse a partner to draft what have to its through corundum estate to be located in the residence of Taiyuan city flourishing a sector of an area to undertake developing with the ground on one hand, but inadequacy of capital of development of be confined to cannot undertake, to realize the development value of land natural resources as soon as possible, will not develop accrual again concessive other, also be to give aid to of Taiyuan corundum at the same time develop, draft company of its hold house property the equity of 100% appears on the market with be being made over under the price of net assets company. And appear on the market company this on one hand for, according to the industrial strategy of the company, plan to narrow stage by stage or exit palm corundum industry, so the decision is on the base that with neodymium iron boron magnetic material and content spread equipment and control to be dominant industry Wu of sortie real estate.
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