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" Chinese industry signs up for " carried a few days ago civil, association of tool of overview government official, machine tool and controller of mechanical Joint Industry Conference, company with all possible means the personage is right industry of machine tool tool went 2007 of situation forecast, relatively unanimous view is: The development of industry of machine tool tool is stabler 2007, won't have rise and fall greatly.

Report to if total a secretary in charge of sth of association of industry of tool of cite China machine tool grows Wu Bailin, point out, industry of machine tool tool is being protected this year keep balance to be mixed firmly rapidder development while, development speed is met somewhat slow down. Predict gross value of industrial output of entire 2007 industry and product sales revenue will amount to 180 billion yuan of RMBs, add fast make an appointment with 10%~15% , among them, the metal machines the sale production value of the machine tool to be 55 billion yuan of RMBs, the crop of machine tool of cutting of numerical control metal will can break through 90 thousand, the metal machines the consumptive amount of the machine tool to will be left and right sides of 13 billion dollar, consumptive quality and class hopeful promote further, amount of imports and exports of product of machine tool tool predicts to be able to reach the level of 16.5 billion dollar.

Yang Xuetong of deputy secretary-general of Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference predicts, the growth rate of industry of machine tool tool will be in 2007 20% the left and right sides, and go up in product requirement, numerical control machine tool can rise and general accuracy machine tool drops. Overall market demand won't be abate, “ of this main profit from 915 ” country a batch of major project in succession start working; Base of educational system solid example needs large quantities of numerical control machine tools; Auto industry high speed expands brought opportunity; The industry of plane, shipbuilding demand to machine tool of high-grade numerical control.

Meanwhile, concerned personage also points out, those who not allow to ignore is, chinese investment dimensions spends big, foreign exchange reserve dimensions of overmuch, credit slants to wait for potential risk to will bring an influence to machine tool industry greatly. For this, zheng Guowei of committee member of committee of experts of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference offers multinomial proposal to machine tool enterprise: Adjust structure of exit machine tool; Enlarge exit of machine tool of medium, high-grade numerical control; Reduce tall pollution, high cost can the exit that abrasive grinds a product; Exit of machine tool of medium and small businesses should make agency system; Pay attention to eastwards the exit of alliance.

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