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Grind the development that has contemporary company as abrasive, need innovates to fluctuate with product quality in the technology article. Becoming the key this 2 o'clock is —— grinds. Our abrasive is ground provide quite the enterprise is not take this a little bit seriously very much very much. Or the scientific research army group that some enterprises cannot form him temporarily on actual strength, also some enterprises are to beg Buddha not to have the door. Abrade network is small make up think, we should transform scientific research gain into real industrial capacity, this ability is the real progress that promoted a trade. Our China is abrade encourage the place of scientific research courtyard inside the industry to strengthen cooperate with the enterprise, discover actual place needs hard. The enterprise also should strengthen the problem that produces a course actually and scientific research orgnaization information communication!

It is Jilin saves development of seek of town of company of the state that extend a limit, county not to have a project directly, it is achievement of scientific research of place of domestic college courtyard is waited for directly change, wear the bridge that removes both to communicate, the service develops at delaying edge economy, make the way that city Economic Commission tries hard. Last year on December 28, this kind of effort steps the first pace, butt joint of relevant department of the industrial project that 89 press close to extend a limit and 8 counties city. Project of these 89 industry is the essence in the positive result of 10 thousand many scientific research that city Economic Commission reachs from near future collect is carried fine single out.

To urge construction of project of industry of the state that extend a limit, city classics appoint established industrial project group in September last year, visit science of forestry of Tsinghua, Beijing University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China group of orgnaization of the 76 keys college such as association of nonferrous metal of academy, China, scientific research, guild, folk, collect, pack agree with the industrial project of my city.

Extend a limit to let college and understanding of scientific research unit, city classics appoint wove " economy of the industry that extend a limit grows a report " wait for a data. University of Beijing science and technology understands limited company of abrasive of honest Hua Zhengxing to sell carbonization boracic pink to feel to abroad with the form of raw material regrettablly, think to should extend industrial cable length, be willing to provide technical support. City classics appoint convey this one message then starting abrasive limited company, apropos, this company also has this idea. In city classics appoint harmonious below, both sides undertook a butt joint.

In butt joint project while, classics of the city that extend a limit appoint still ask for the difficult problem of science and technology that encounters in economic progress to town of enterprise, county, settlement way is sought in order to have when college of pay a return visit and place of scientific research courtyard.
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