Fly amount to: Bradawl head becomes Germany " brand "
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Twice failure paid tuition of 200 thousand mark

Speak of “ to walk along ” , jiangsu flies amount to can to weigh patriarch. This civilian battalion business that produces bit technically, the product sells past Germany since 1992. Of one mind is wanting to make German market big, 1995, group person creates a company outside family circumstances to Germany, come up to recruit so called senior talented person, as a result this is planted the psychology of emulative, keen on face-saving by a few German feel so that appear fully. When applying for, some saying that worked a lot of years in the United States, some saying that had worked in Xi Menzi, 5 when recruit as a result German, want every months to pay the salary that is equivalent to 669 euro not only, match a mobile phone even, to the car. However, high salary did not change expectant result. After month of one or two, with respect to ceaseless somebody find an excuse asks for leave.

As fly the CEO that amounts to a company, bright red country makes the same score unwilling to give up, the decision weighs cooking range of build by laying bricks or stones, the German associate that asks an old collaboration is general manager. Making what the person wants to be less than is, this general manager actually “ bright repair a plank road built along a cliff, do one thing under cover of another ” , will fly on the example that amounts to a product to be hit in him himself, made illicit work, the result is less than 3 months, investment is used up by prodigal almost again.

Try twice, fail twice. After Zhu Guoping thinks over seriously, think, to the investment outside the condition think of a way is right, the key is in choose and employ persons.

From “ I stick card ” to “ others to stick a card to me to others”

Devote oneself to early to start a brand before 78 years, this should have foresight and courage to Chinese enterprise. Hold the world that decided future in the arms to create the belief that is in China certainly, begin from 1997, fly amount to no longer sheet sticks a card for others, to application of association of German hardware tool, “ China is hit to fly in exporting a product amount to ” brand. “ just began really very difficult, did not sell a ” of a product two years continuously, zhu Guoping says, german friend persuades me, the five metalworking that you think to make powerful nation Germany create a China in the tool have a brand, courage is too great. But I am certain, which eat crab to be able to be grabbed first first machine. Through be being managed ceaselessly, improve ceaselessly, fostered a batch to buy the home eventually. A client orders the money of 50 euro only at first, the quality after try out is good, increase 100 euro, the big client that already became 200 much euro now.
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