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According to international diamond authority orgnaization HRD newest report shows, real consumption achieved Chinese diamond jewelry last year 1.235 billion dollar, surmount Japan, chinese diamond sale will reach 1.8 billion dollar 2010, the expert is forecasted the United States will exceed inside several years, become the biggest diamond to consume a country. Diamond is consuming development into the habit from luxury in China. The whole world is rare be short of, year the carat that appreciation exceeds 15% is gotten greatly also more and more suffer chase after hold in both hands.

According to introducing, be in abroad, the position that diamond invests no less than invest estate, stock, fund, gold to prep above very, regular meeting has a few in each bank safe of big financial group top class, colorful, exiguous big grain diamond. Of diamond keeping a cost is the characteristic decision with its rare and precious oneself. Want to get the headgear diamond of 1 carat, want to extract ability of 250 tons of ore gets at least, and the demand that among them only 8%-10% ability reachs lapidary level, the crop of diamond of annual and lapidary class on the world makes an appointment with 15 million carat, and those who process finished product is only 4 million carat (800 kilogram) . Machine program is more complex, every headgear diamond is designed to treatment from exploitation pour into the painstaking effort of everybody. Additional, the culture connotation with of long standing and well established diamond, the underlying tone of high refractive index, highest hardness, resplendent, bright seizes purpose exterior, make it shows itself from inside numerous and lapidary breed, favor by investor.

The diamond that is located in London according to headquarters popularizes a center (DTC) data shows, 10 years 1 carat diamond went up on average in the past amount to 18% , most be as high as 35% , and increase by degrees every year with the extent of 2% . In recent years, because diamond resource year after year decreases, and demand with annual the extent of 10% rises, diamond price year after year rises, especially the diamond with better official rank in feudal times of 1 carat above, in last few years inside more with annual the scale of % of 20 % —30 increases by degrees up. 78 years ago, of a 1 carat naked get price to be controlled in 25 thousand yuan, 60 thousand yuan are bought hard now. Because its value is high, very exiguous, supply of unlike bradawl stone is large. Current, whole world the diamond of 1 carat above is more and more popular, the diamond of 5 carat above is global be in short supply more.

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