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Our country is world abrasive grinds a manufacturing big country, crop already ranked the world continuously the first. But in recent years, because raw material, oil price rises considerably, export side gets the set back that opposes dumping and technical camp again and again, brought about an industry to appear a few problems that solve urgently.

As a result of country of European Union member grow in quantity and European Union cancel the limitation that to importing me abrasive grinds a product quota formally, the European Union makes the biggest market that our country exports. But, as a result of Euramerican and ceaseless raise technical threshold, especially in recent years standard of zoology of aggrandizement environmental protection, the processing that uses quantity, litter to machining the specific power consumption in producing segment, rich all raises strict requirement, make an enterprise produce cost to rise somewhat make our country exports incessantly of enterprise complain of suffering. Partial industry expresses, at present our country provides the mark of quality be careful in one's conduct of goods to allow to did not conform with international relative standard to grinding, what the European Union exports product technology standard to our country is slashing, make abrasive grinds a manufacturing company to be immersed in new predicament.

In the meantime, oppose dumping lawsuit frequent serious also obstacle exit of pottery and porcelain. As we have learned, a few have what export an advantage more by force to worry a company since 2001, be in in succession India, Mexico, Philippine wait for a country with Egypt suffocate suffocate, on May 3, 2005, the United States just is sued, american diamond curiums a manufacturer is allied present an indictment to American Department of Commerce, show the diamond that says to come from China and Korea curiums a dumping is in the beauty, the requirement undertakes to its the dumping is investigated turning over. On July 19, 2005, enterprise of beautiful square affirmatory and compulsive sampling investigation, an Taigang of Beijing of make choice of grinds exceed hard data products finite liability company (boreal steel grinds) , limited company of group of Shijiazhuang rich deep tool (gain is late) , Heibei Ji Kai group (Ji Kai) , Ge Ban abrasive grinds emperor provide (Shanghai) limited company. Just go 2006, committee of American international trade make cut into parts eventually, last a period of time one year much American diamond curiums piece turn over a dumping to should appeal to case, course of study of stone of diamond of numerous records of fontal state city, 10 thousand dragon two companies are able to win the lawsuit end. Of partial country turn over a dumping to punish tax rate to be as high as 200% above.

According to China abrade net understands, as a result of,raw material rises in price is power in short supply, charge of electricity rises, derv rises in price, raw material rises in price …… a variety of adverse elements make grind an industry whole to be pounded.
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