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Abrasive is ground belong to fundamental industry raw material, the dental ” of industry of the “ that be called, wide application is made at hardware machinery wait for a domain. Any national Industrial Revolution while, it is abrasive grinds provided revolution first surely. Guangdong, it is the main and current ground that abrasive grinds a product and distribution centre, regard the first economy of our country as big province, hardware manufacturing industry develops especially, because abrasive is ground,provide use make be closely bound up with hardware, 1/3 what its wastage takes the throughout the country about. Somebody describes: Guangdong is a barometer that countrywide abrasive worries a market.

Current, the abrasive that includes domestic other place worries a market, it may be said is the disorder does not have foreword, industry competition is very non-standard, each other makes price war between the enterprise. The result was to hurt others already, also injury and oneself.

According to the analysis, at present this is planted circumstance, advocate if raw material comes up from essence,say to belong to cannot renewable resources, the country also realized the value that protects to resource in development gradually, protocol a series of method will be opposite high cost can the restriction that product development has different rate. In addition, of electrovalency rise, the transport costs that gas diesel oil rises valence to bring about rises, make whole person of the same trade is faced with live unprecedentedly pressure. From analysis of deep administrative levels, as inferior as doorsill of this industry introduction, repeat construction serious, partial product is produced can superfluous about. Business of a few big, medium-sized mainstays by force of live pressure, the investment on the development of the application in updating equipment, new technology and new product is less, the technology that affected a trade directly progresses. And a few small companies more adopt practise fraud, jerry, shoddy wait for method low competition.

Guangdong is the main and current ground that abrasive grinds a product and distribution centre, it is abrasive grinds provided consumption to be saved greatly more, go down so, grind an industry development to the abrasive of Guangdong and even whole nation, meeting “ has 100 to kill and do not have one benefit only. ”

How the abrasive of integrated Guangdong worries an industry, this is everybody all the time since a problem of special care. In chairman of chamber of commerce of Guangdong hardware Electromechanical chamber of commerce of hardware of business association of Lao Jianbin, whole nation achieves conference chairman besmear of Wu Shichuan, China adds the care that grinds an association secretary-general Yin Chuanzhong to wait for a person to fall, wait for the person's initiating through oneself and Xie Yue sea, Zhou Shengwu, on April 7, 2007, guangdong province abrasive grinds a professional committee to prepare the conference be held in Guangdong Nanhai victory first, the attendance makes an appointment with 200 people at that time. Below the support that the leader concerns in hall of province civil administration later, abrasive of chamber of commerce of Guangdong hardware Electromechanical grinds a professional committee to be registered formally hold water, will establish celebration at be being held ceremoniously on December 28, 2007.
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