Elephant of palm corundum chaos needs repair
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The insanity of peak value period
“ is latter, I received corundum of much home palm to produce the boss' telephone call, the hope can find out a road to their product. ”8 month 12 days, henan saves husband of heart of aperture of chairman of palm corundum guild to tell a reporter, in chatting with the reporter, kong Defu received the telephone call that two bosses make again.
Now, value of palm corundum market is come more than 10 years highest when, kong Defu expresses, market price case achieved every tons 5000 yuan, exporting the price is to be in more 1000 dollars of every tons of 950 ~ .
And relatively at a year before, value of market of corundum of every tons of palm is controlled in 2500 yuan only. Value of international export market was to slide more every tons of 350 dollars. Be in one round this before prices, come more than 10 years, domestic palm corundum produces business to be in deficit condition all the time.
As we have learned, palm corundum is one kind is main raw material with tall aluminous alumina, via the fundamental material that cross high temperature smelt and becomes, have the character that cannot replace a gender, wide application is made at machinery with steely smelt industry in, common calls industry the tooth.
Press the price of at present namely, palm corundum produces business to also be in ” of position of “ small interest. Fleabane hill is special Di Yongzheng of general manager of limited company of imports and exports of timber group Henan calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter:  of  of heart expostulate with drills  loves widow of Zhu Cai of Zou of neon humorous 〖 to climb humorous ⌒ star to mast below herd of  of head of thoroughfaring billabong Song danger pry the pagoda tree bites?000 of Kang of heir of  mace agitate yuan, produce corundum of a ton of common palm to need 3000 degrees to use phone, depreciation of interest of the labor cost that increased all sorts of tax cost, promotion, bank, equipment is waited a moment, such coming down, corundum of every tons of palm sells 5000 yuan, embellish of its net profit achieves every tons 200 yuan pretty good.
Of course, if export, profit will be a few higher, but, because produce a technology to lag behind, foreign trader of short of of product technology standard asks, what realize exit truly is the manufacturing business that owns advanced production technology nevertheless.
But, although small profit, can be the palm corundum price before of one times above go up, still make numerous capital square value the market prospect of palm corundum.
As we have learned, because some county of 3 gorge city has advantage of aluminous aluminous resource, add electric power assures, arrive from last year at present, mount a horse of with one action 29 enterprises, add many 40 oven newly (every stationary smelting furnace is produced can dimensions is in 1200 ~ 4000kVA) , produce can dimensions forces continuously ascend a Ji Yichuan two ground, achieve 350 thousand tons, held Henan province to always be produced can 2.1 million tons 1/7 even strong.
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