Hubei jade establishs polyester film arenaceous belt to develop a success
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Arenaceous belt of Hubei Yu Li is arenaceous belt of coating of corundum of zirconium of group Inc. afterwards, soft base after coating arenaceous belt develops a success, roll out arenaceous belt to taste arenaceous belt of —— polyester film newly again this year series product. After try out of market of this product classics, love by the user, development prospect is very good.

Polyester film arenaceous belt is it is matrix with polyester film, polyester film is colorless and transparent, luster, obdurability, stretch better, its surface flatness is added than besmear grind the matrix such as a commonly used cloth, paper, steel paper to want tall, using Yu Tu to add the polyester film that grinds a production is to pass high temperature to finalize the design, make the element is arranged secure and become. Compare with other film, it has opposite density big, fight Zhang Jiang to spend tall, outspread rate is minor, impact strength is great, hear resistance is good wait for a characteristic. Polyester film arenaceous belt is after comprising limits in order to pass choice and demarcate granuality, granuality height centers corundum of high temperature to calcine and plating iridium abrasive to be abrasive, reason can be used at the exterior treatment of high accuracy. Polyester film because the surface is particularly slick the characteristic with plasticity, extremely disadvantageous stick receive, let a lot of investigator look and cowardly pace. The comrade of division of our research and development passes the test that goes up 10 thousand times, study assiduously, bold breakthrough, captured another difficulty, discovered glue of a kind of synthesis can use the production of polyester film arenaceous belt eventually. Glue of this kind of synthesis not only stick receive strength tall, flexibility is good, and can use below high temperature after cross-linking solidify.

Because polyester film has plasticity characteristic, a surname that its make is added grind a product, can become a state or banding, use at the polish of face of high-grade polyester lacquer already; Also can process different product, the exterior polish that is used at machining finish machining of the crankshaft polish with precision high demand, magnetic head and fiber-optic head diskette, and mill grinds the essence of automobile manufacturing industry to be able to obtain high grade surface precision. The SMSD series product that 3M company is before polyester film arenaceous belt is in occupational market, hubei jade establishs arenaceous zone the development of the polyester film arenaceous belt of group company is successful, fill home is blank, indicate the besmear of a Yu Li is added grind technology of a production, research and development as top-ranking as international industry already technology conforms.

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