China International hardware exhibits transition to be foreign trade and give at
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Attend China International hardware 3 years to exhibit continuously, li Shiping of Wuhan hardware boss eats 3 times to shut door a thick soup repeatedly. 27 days, should exhibit can come to first degrees 8 years Chinese flutter, and the businessman of nearly 105 gold that great kindness fete invites him inside. Former times eats a thick soup that close the door, become a distinguished guest today, country is the biggest exhibit after haughtying before the meeting respectful, let Li Shiping feel quite questioningly.

As we have learned, production value of countrywide hardware industry is close 700 billion yuan, product in part enters an international market. Feldspathic Seng Lan says secretary of hardware products association, as the whole nation the biggest exhibit meeting, china International hardware is exhibited also be located in international surely all the time model. Many enterprises recieve foreign client only, even the businessman returns agency of country of “ of direct hang out to avoid the brand that talks about ” .

Join meeting Wuhan businessman to ever was experienced quite. Wuhan city is wide amount to Li Shiping of general manager of hardware tool company to say, ginseng exhibit company product very good, he hopes to find era to machine manufacturer or seek Hubei dealership, and hear he did not export right of administration, 9 express to avoid into the enterprise talk, be disinclined even the price to declare.

27 days are exhibited in this can be in Chinese on first action chamber of commerce, stone Seng Lan expresses, situation of market of exit metals company already produced essential sex to change nowadays, they turn in succession helm aims at home market. Wuhan serves as mid the biggest hardware distribution centre, the agency inside course of study will become China International hardware to exhibit go up honoured guest.

She says, national policy from encourage exit to adjust to expand inside need, rate of drawback of hardware industry exit is reduced 5% , domestic hardware exports a company only this year head the quarter reduces profit 1.15 billion yuan, the enterprise that relies on to take drawback profit faces unprecedented test. Additionally the dollar depreciates to also make loss of exit metals company huge, the business get into trouble with a few good quality of a material.

Zhang Dong of director of hardware products association stands say, below this kind of setting, they turn in succession a development home market. And many enterprises have not build a home to sell a network, special hope and agent establish connection as soon as possible.

Hardware product category is various, small to the needle that sew the garment, arrive greatly lampblack machine. Market of Wuhan hardware Electromechanical has volume business door more than 10000, industry sale exceeds 100 billion yuan. Zhang Hansheng of director of institute of scientific research of industry of equipment of tool of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Electromechanical of Hubei province hardware, Wuhan expresses, wuhan hardware is made and distribute all is shown in the whole nation backward, product of countrywide high-grade hardware is occupied about 40% , and Wuhan agent does not have a predestined relationship to it almost. Company of metals of countrywide actual strength opens agency of country of brake look for first degrees in great quantities, bring great business chance for Wuhan hardware industry, the businessman can be joined eagerly develop broad field of vision, promote product whole class.
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