North II launch dual wheel frame servo CNC crankshaft grinder
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Beijing Second Machine Tool Works Limited ("North II"), launched in 2010CCMT B2-K1018 exhibition wheel frame with double-action (cut point tracking) CNC crankshaft grinder. This is the second development of a North automotive engine crankshaft connecting rod for the neck, neck precision grinding spindle high-speed precision grinding equipment, which feature two-wheel frame such as CNC servo-type (cut point tracking) grinding technology, Ultra-high speed grinding technology, advanced technology, with high precision and production efficiency. Machine with high rigidity, high efficiency and high reliability, and can achieve a crankshaft connecting rod clamping neck, the neck volume precision machining spindle. B2-K1018 machine with fixed table, moving after two-wheel frame layout. Wheel frame by two axes (X1, X2 axis) and the workpiece rotary axis (C1, C2 axis) for the whole closed-loop control of NC interaction, can achieve two different phase linkage crank neck while grinding, but also can achieve a linkage neck and neck, while a spindle grinding, or grinding, while the two main journal. Jichuang high-speed (up to 120m / s speed) CBN grinding wheel, to achieve Yici fixture, flexible to adjust to completely resolve the traditional clamp-style eccentric crankshaft grinding machine flexibility is poor, adjust the complexity of the shortcomings. In addition, the product has a piece of the online measurement device and the error compensation function, and improve the reliability of the interlock, safety protection, fault alarm and automatic fault diagnosis. Safety, environmental protection, ergonomics and other aspects of line with China's national standards and relevant international standards. Crank the engine manufacturing industry can effectively meet the actual needs of precision machining, replace the imported equipment, for engine manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs.