Hebei Double Wheel Zhu Yanqing Yang: "Prairie" on the galloping horse
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September 28-30, the three-day 2010 China International Hardware Show (CIHS) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center superstar. As the most mature, international and specialized exhibitions of the highest degree of hardware, founded ten years China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10), has become China's hardware industry weathervane. It is reported that a total of 84 countries from around the world and regions, nearly 50,000 buyers and visitors gather in Shanghai to enjoy the show feast. In this exhibition, HC metal mesh to the development of enterprises in Hebei Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Double Yang Zhu Yanqing for a simple interview. According to Zhu Yanqing introduction, Hebei Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established dual sheep in 1995, is a research and development, production, sales abrasive as one of the specialized enterprises. After ten years of development, the company has annual production of 80 million to form the production scale in the domestic counterparts in the advanced level. Now the company's main brand wheel "Prairie card." In Zhu Yanqing view, the company has three advantages, one advantage of the product quality, independent research and development in 2005 of "high-strength fiber reinforced resin safe abrasive" and its quality of products by the China Quality Supervision, Inspection and Abrasives Hebei Science and Technology Department Center and experts, the performance targets were exceeded national standards, reached the international advanced level. Second, the company has strong product development capability. The company has research and development room, the quality timely research, tracking, and strive to focus on the products in the market leading, has introduced new products in different market needs, self-reinforcing agent successfully developed SOR, KH series stabilizer, COMPD elastomers New coating technology and fully automatic computer-controlled hardening line. Third, strong supply capacity. Company covers an area of 48,000 square meters, construction area of 26,000 square meters, production equipment ahead of the domestic industry, with press equipment 43 sets, including 15 sets of advanced automation equipment in Japan; and built the longest in China All five computer controlled HTF loop tunnel kiln production line. Equipment used in all intelligent automatic computer control, testing equipment. Has formed annual production of 80 million of production scale. Three advantages in this strong support, the two-wheel rapid development of the sheep, the foreign market to North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, more than 70 countries and regions, and in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Dubai, the Middle East free trade the establishment of a branch. Zhu Yanqing, said the company will focus on product development and expansion of industrial chain, is committed to further open up a broader market space, speed up the pace to build a world-renowned brands.