Diamond rope curiums use new field, disassemble platform of maritime artesian we
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Be extracted when marine resource dried up when, platform of oil gas artesian well will discard and demolish, diamond rope curiums producing main effect from which. In the past 10 years, mexican bay area has platform of 1000 artesian well to be demolished about, and still have more artesian well platform at present unused in the North sea.

Petroleum Company already used diamond rope of Australian Tyrolit company to curium the success undertook curiuming cutting the experiment of platform of artesian well of the North sea. The rope curiums be as long as 100 meters, adopt hydraulic motor drive, treatment speed can amount to per sec. 25 meters.

The artesian well platform with many area of the North sea brought enormous challenge to Petroleum Company, its height and rolled steel dosage make iron tower of Er of French moxa humble also inferior by comparison. At present these platform still firm tower aloft in the water area that is as deep as 120 meters of above. According to estimation, the rolled steel gross weight of these platform amounts to 3.7 million tons, be equivalent to Germany the weight of the automobile steel products with 18 deserted months. Predict average a harvest of platform of every artesian well it is 100 million euro about originally.

To Petroleum Company, what diamond rope curiums place is offerred is the biggest an advantage is the armor plate that it can realize cut random ply almost. The plan henceforth is these platform breaks up larger a few parts, wait for after carrying land to go up, go further disassemble. With in land photogenic than, the risk of maritime construction and cost want tower above multiple. Dockyard has begun to begin to build special ship, so that carry the artesian well platform after cut,arrive seaside.

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