Development of estate of Chinese diamond tool is well worth doing
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Tool of our country hardware applies extensively at each domains such as material of geological exploration, stone, mechanical, car and national defence industry, machining uses grind, geological broach and stone material curium the workmanship level that cuts a tool already had very big rise. The product already formed seriation, standardization, breed norms is all ready, product quality is stable, partial product has certain competition ability on the international market.

Although manson provides all sorts of King Kong of our country production to get applied extensively in each industry, obtain remarkable economic benefits, but the difference with fairer than still having look of congener product of its technology level and abroad, main show is in:

1. whole industry lacks centralized management and macroscopical adjusting control. Because develop blindly, hardware tool especially distribution of diamond tool production appears come loose and the situation of random, blossom everywhere, the tool sells market product quality to be not stabilized, competition does not have foreword, price disorder.

2. tool produces equipment and integral technology level to lag behind quite, application of promotion of a few more advanced new technologies, new technology is slower.

Dimensions of 3. production company slants generally small, production is not centered, engineering technology is wrong, lack market competition ability, economic benefits is not tall.

The capital of the respect such as research of 4. tool production and new product development, engineering technology throws inadequacy.

5. is in tool use process, base material utilization rate is low, rolled steel is wasteful and serious.

Develop hardware tool property energetically, firm stresses the development of new product, new technology, accelerate the development of industry of tool of our country hardware, raise economic benefits and integral technology level. Particular way is:

1. tool industry invests strength, firm pays the promotion of the development of new product and new technology, new technology, widen diamond uses a field ceaselessly, enhance level of technology of whole of diamond tool industry and market competition ability, beg with breed, quality live, with science and technology progress seeks progress.

2. is the need of market of contented domestic and international tool, must accelerate the development of new product, improve product quality, add variety, raise yield. In last few years, the treatment domain of handicraft of material of mechanical, lapidary, medical apparatus and instruments, lumber, glass reinforced plastics, stone, pottery and porcelain and complex metalloid hard fragile data is versed in to diamond provided demand year after year increases, current, these product home still count an import, because this must open the tool that issues all sorts of set of high quality as soon as possible, in order to replace an entrance. Current, the product that develops urgently has: Oil is drilled cast with material of PDC broach, stone grind use King Kong stylus of cutting tool of diamond of tool of plasticity of diamond of bond of gyro wheel of tool of coating of film of oilstone of honing of broach of Bao Bi of stone mill piece, project, diamond, diamond, diamond, balata, PCD, diamond, nozzle. Taste quality to make sure its are produced, must accelerate the promotion of new technology, new technology, if vacuum solders technology of technology, electric spark agglomeration, diamond all technology of cloth technology, diamond plating iridium and metallization felt technology, laser beam welding receives craft to wait.
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