Equipment of Chinese alumina technology is in the world the position of aluminou
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The 8th periodical mounted light metal 2007 the problem is Jiang Yuehua of academy of design of Shenyang aluminium magnesium " equipment of Chinese alumina technology is in the world the position of aluminous industry " article. The article points out, pass the treatise of standard of index of engineering technology of company of estate of main to the world aluminium, equipment, the equipment of alumina plant technology that points out our country builds in recent years already reached current world advanced level, to study our country alumina further at the same time plant technology develops, understand domestic and international technology, had beneficial attempt.

Abroad has representative aluminous estate company to basically have the beauty aluminium and add aluminium. The alumina factory that belongs to as a result of place of these two companies is more, and majority builds a plant for the investment outside the condition; Each plant institute uses raw material (bauxite) difference is bigger, its technology index difference of its technology index is bigger also, add the technical information between each company to communicate not free, accordingly, obtain accurate technical data very hard.

In world alumina industry, at present the alumina manufacturer of 90% above (include the beautiful aluminium, place that add aluminium to belong to) the low silicon bauxite that all uses processing of the law that do obeisance to ear to be given priority to with 3 water aluminous stone produces alumina. And bauxite of stone of one water duralumin mixes the our country tall silicon that our country uses associated law, agglomeration law to handle respectively use the law that do obeisance to ear to handle our country low silicon bauxite of 3 water aluminous stone produces low silicon of stone of one water duralumin and entrance abroad alumina.

Current, home, outside main technique holds stock: The technology that alumina manufactures equips, differ as producer proposal and differ. Agglomeration law basically is used at China and Russia to handle tall silicon bauxite or nepheline production alumina, its 10% what total output restricts world total output. Company of estate of world other aluminium all uses the law that do obeisance to ear to produce alumina. Accordingly, here equips to doing obeisance to the technology of ear law only brief quite. The technical equipment of the law that do obeisance to ear basically is mirrorred in the main process in technological process. Namely: Bauxite dissolve goes out, detached catharsis, seed decomposes bare mud, mother liquor evaporates and working procedure of hydroted alumina roast.

As a result of, china is in the development of industry of nearly 10 years of alumina, ceaseless understanding, understanding, introduce, carry out current international advanced the technology equips, the technical equipment standard that oxidize aluminium produces has great progress. The technical equipment standard that builds a plant nearly two years already reached current world advanced level, among them the technical equipment that dissolve of bauxite high temperature gives achieves international banner level, to the end of 2005, alumina of company of Chinese aluminous estate is produced can 7.87 million tons, electroanalysis aluminous crop 2.1 million tons, become be next to beautiful aluminium and the world that add aluminium company of the 3rd big aluminous estate, aluminous company already also formed whole aluminous industry position at present in, alumina and electroanalysis aluminous yield can be balanced basically. In the meantime, rate of domestic economy progress is rapid, market of metallic aluminium spending is vigorous, up to now, the raw material that domestic alumina produces, motivation and manpower still are put in definite price advantage, accordingly, development of source of condition foreign capital and investment build a factory to have greater progress space, but our country bauxite belongs to Gao Gui stone of one water duralumin, its processing difficulty and its specific power consumption are taller than abroad, still also have of course farther energy-saving fall the space of bad news.
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