Craft of mould finishing technology chooses a trend
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The quality of mould surface is right mould service life, make the respect such as an exterior quality all have bigger effect, before because this is in,the mould is used, also be the final phase that the mould makes at the same time, should undertake normally abrade handle with polishing, in order to improve mould surface quality. And ongoing grind after be being handled with polishing, a lot of moulds make enterprise and mould used an enterprise to still use finishing technology, the purpose depends on prolonging mould service life, improve the treatment quality of workpiece, reduce a mould to use cost, improve manufacturing efficiency. Current, there is technology of a lot of kinds of finishings on the market, formation exterior coating also is varied, we have representative coat 3 kinds according to the historical choice of finishing technology, undertake comparative, following: Nitrogen converts titanium film kind diamond of brilliant of diamond film blame history of velar TiNDLCta-C technology the 8500 technicalization that become film learn 60007000 ~ of hardness HV24002000 ~ gas phase deposit is chemical filter of gas phase deposit pledges cathode vacuum electric arc becomes velar temperature 500 ℃ layer of film of ℃ of 500 ℃ <80:

1. The temperature that become film can affect the quality of original rolled steel, higher temperature makes rolled steel produces anneal or temper effect, reduce the hardness of base material and tenacity.

2. The technology that become film decided velar layer falls off whether easily, normally, newer technology uses ionic infuse method, make velar layer built-in matrix surface, raised velar radical adhesion thereby.

3. Velar layer hardness decided plating wear-resisting function.

4. Coefficient of friction of velar layer surface is low, those who be helpful for workpiece surface is lubricant, also be an element that raises wearability.

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