To 10 years and even 50 years ceramics fuel chooses think over
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Chinese traditional ceramics from on century middle period enters modern course, go up 10 years of century end especially, was to accelerate this process more. Have a lot of things, include structure of raw material, product, environmental protection, investment and setting, property organization of policy of program, industry, trade, talent is bred with introduce etc, also have fuel choice of course, be worth to think over very much. Because these things contain catholicity, basis gender, directional, can last what affect an industry development, viewpoint above has first phase is about engineering technology think over, key of this first phase discusses the option of fuel.

Using fuel combustion to obtain high temperature is world pottery and porcelain the technology that manufacturing history contains revolutionary contribution progresses, if produce pottery and porcelain scene trace hundreds of years, in do not have report already, without the machine, time that machines without oil, area of production of pottery and porcelain should choose to be in have mountain, have the water, place that has porcelain clay. Because Shankedi offers bavin, wood, branch, build the convenience of dragon kiln; Have water, can offer production, life and carriage convenience; Have porcelain clay, offerred the convenience that obtains raw material. Archaic ceramics, it is kiln course of study of the center with kiln furnace namely actually. Dragon kiln is built toward the hillside, chimney stands in evener place, it is the problem that relies on nature to solve kiln furnace “ to smoke force ” . The fuel that can use in those days is arboreous Songzhi and coal piece. Arrived contemporary, the industry enters industrialized period, coal and coal make the petroleum products such as heavy oil of gas, derv make 2 big fuel, among have kerosene contend for, also relapsed a few times, the final conclusion with clear neither one. Arrived again latter-day, the industry enters the period of contemporary industrialization, dimensions is mixed on product variety is very great and various, oar of coal, water coal, gas, heavy oil, derv, miscella, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas be used, china becomes the fuel on the world to use the country with most breed. Cost of the origin of fuel, price, product makes the basis that fuel chooses and argument, from this, sparked ground of industry and environmental protection, pollution, different is migratory wait for a series of problems. So far, talent of pottery and porcelain realizes fuel chooses to develop to the industry deep-feltly, live the position with have what kind significant.

What fuel chooses is important, but end is 4 a little bit big: ① involves modern engineering technology, equipment whether choose and the play of utmost its efficiency; ② involves environmental pollution, environmental protection, industry and social harmony development; ③ involves product cost and competition ability; ④ involves the issue such as development of product quality, n, new product.
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