Industry of our country synthetic resin may appear produce can superfluous
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Xinhua News Agency on October 10 message, yang Yuan of director of development department of assistant chief engineer of Chinese petro-chemical Inc. , science and technology is 10 days one on seminar of paper of high polymer of 2007 whole nation point out, although trade of our country synthetic resin is current,consumption is more than output, but the yield that still needs vigilant likelihood to appear can be superfluous.

According to introducing, consumption of 5 big general synthetic resin already exceeded 30 million tons 2006, make the world that is next to the United States country of the 2nd big spending, produce also can exceed 20 million tons, occupy world front row.

Yang Yuan says: Although “ is current 5 big general synthetic resin of our country are produced can under consumption, but put in difference of productivity of high-powered synthetic resin, general synthetic resin produces can huge corrupt practice. As the ceaseless development of our country science and technology and economy, the demand to high-powered product can increase ceaselessly, may appear market of high-powered synthetic resin demands exceeds supply, and market of general synthetic resin produces can superfluous situation. ”

Yang Yuan points out at the same time, go up in the international market at present, the cost of synthetic resin production of middle east area is inferior, often have our country only 1/3 lower even, competition ability is very strong, the sale of this general to our country also synthetic resin constituted menace, the possibility that because industry of synthetic resin of this our country produces can superfluous situation,appears will be very large.

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