Young Chinese diamond industry
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Chinese diamond industry is a very young industry. From have will look according to the data that can examine, diamond regards headgear raw material as the history that uses in our country, do not spend period of bright Qing Dynasty the earliest, change a not to be named on the same day with with the Yu Wen that has history of a few chiliad. 1840 after the Opium War, the coastal city such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin opens pier early or late, west wind goes gradually. Arrive on century 229 time, diamond jewelry has been favorred in gens of female of vogue of our country pioneer.

After liberating, new China 100 useless wait for promote, people live frugally, diamond is forgotten by people gradually as high-grade luxury. Go up century 669 time, people cheats and other places of inn of tile-roofed house of shade, Liaoning to discover diamond raw ore in succession in Shandong. The respect is machined in diamond, basically be in the Shanghai diamond factory of state-operated and diamond factory, having treatment of a few diamond burnish, headgear and industry to get grind provided treatment production, the product is used at exit to achieve mostly collect and domestic industry place needs. The diamond industry of our country extracts from raw material retail and treatment, progressively formed industrial rudiment.

After reforming and opening, go up especially century since 90 time, as the rapid growth of our country economy, person the people's livelihood gets very big improvement alive, got to the demand of diamond extensive society is agreed with, also caused the attention of international diamond group. 1997, have Beck of rich Shang Aisen of special emotive Israel to Shanghai, combined public figure of international diamond group to visit China, open diamond is established to trade in Shanghai the road of central exploration.

Through approval of the State Council, in April 2000, shanghai diamond trades to manage the office to hold water jointly. Of the same age November, shanghai diamond bourse holds water, indicate the industry entered an our country diamond a new era.

Our country diamond trades mechanism from do not have have, arrive as a child big, had taken 7 year up to now. Easy forehead of year of oral sex of diamond pass in and out of our country general commerce also from get 10 thousand yuan thousands of before handing in place to hold water, growth goes to a few yuan of today's.

Chinese diamond industry also is very industry of potential rising sun, have fund concentrated, labour force adds thick and fast, high the characteristic such as value and low pollution. Accordingly, the country establishs diamond bourse in Shanghai, in order to produce the radiation action that Shanghai regards our country as the biggest modern city and area advantage, drive the rapid development of industry of our country diamond, satisfy the social demand that people increases increasingly.
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