Abrasive rises in price the influence changes an industry " go regular "
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Current, the abrasive of corundum of one class palm that our country produces, the product sells as far as to country and the area such as Germany, Turkey, Korea. Know the introduction according to having the industry of experience of old foreign trade, cooperate with foreign client, taller than home, dosage stabilizes client make a price, answer a seasonable, credence to have assure. And domestic client has in this respect very big different, the “ inside course of study goes regular ” is: Use first (product) , the share is returned after (goods) paragraph, more or less to let produce smelt enterprise to perceive in a bad mood. Since after rising in price this year, whole market supply demand relations produced very big change, basic it is beg for be less than, the client returns a money very active, this is a favour to the numerous production company of the industry.

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