Cutting cutting tool brings huge profit for high speed treatment
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Brief introduction: Come nearly 10 years, wait for what stuff of difficult treatment metal and metalloid material and alloy material apply to increase as material of alloy of high strenth steel, high temperature, spray, contemporary cutting tool already not the high-speed steel cutting tool that bureau be confined to uses extensively at present and hard alloy cutting tool, exceed hard data cutting tool, coating cutting tool and alloy material cutting tool

Cutting tool material

The character of cutting tool depends on the material of cutting tool (base material) , geometrical appearance and coating. If the base material choice of cutting tool is undeserved, even if choose the best design on the world and coating to also be not developed give its effect. The index with base material the most remarkable quality is brilliant granuality. Generally speaking, brilliant granuality jumps over small cutting tool to suit to be used at high speed to machine a circumstance more. To high speed treatment, recommend use 0.5μm or smaller brilliant size.

Even if is brilliant granuality comparatives to still also can exist the quality that a few other factors affect cutting tool, these elements are hardness is mixed transverse rupture intensity. To given base material, hardness and transverse rupture intensity can get the influence of cobaltic content. It is the tenacity that raises hard alloy before, it is the content that adds Co normally, pays price is hardness is reduced. Now, this kind of circumstance can get compensating through refining grain, make the bending strength of hard alloy gets rising, already was achieved and exceed the bending strength of common HSS steel, make exceed fine grained hard alloy to be favorred thereby. People is changing P gradually kind hard alloy germane steel, and K kind hard alloy suits to machine only cast-iron the select material habit that waits for nonferrous metal with aluminium. The point that the another advantage of fine grain hard alloy is cutting tool is sharp, apply to high speed cutting to stick especially and the material of pliable but strong.

The development of material of hard alloy cutting tool basically is pair of fine grain (1 ~ 0.5) and exceed fine grain (the development of material of <0.5) hard alloy and cutting tool of integral hard alloy, make the bending strength of hard alloy gets rising greatly, can replace high-speed steel to make small norms bit, establish the general cutting tool with the quantity wide bedding face such as milling cutter and tap, its cutting speed and cutting tool life also exceeded high-speed steel far.

Every cutting tool that uses at high speed treatment has 3 main character: Precision, stiffness and service life. In mould industry, die manufacturer people if do not want to spend a large number of time on benchwork working procedure, be about to take the precision of milling cutter of each ball head seriously highly. Undertake to housing benchwork rehabilitate needs time of many do poorly done work over again, can turn profit into very easily deficit. Accordingly, die manufacturer people should realise clearly: The cutting tool that buys a high accuracy wants overpay a few money, but compare with the additional working hours of benchwork and the phase of cutting tool plant that discard as useless, this investment calculates at all what to get.
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