CBN emery wheel processes medium application in grinding
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CBN material is divided outside using the cutting tool that make, its biggest application field still makes CBN grind, use at high speed efficient grinding and honing treatment, can make grinding efficiency rises greatly, its grinding precision and quality improve a grade. 1. Grinding car spare parts- - the camshaft on camshaft and crankshaft car engine has many cam, the cam kibble after quenching and essence grind the crucial working procedure that is influence cam quality. It is to use grinding of profiling profile modeling commonly, of workpiece speed rise be restricted, crackle of burn of grinding of workpiece easy generation, use grinding of profiling profile modeling, the curve should suffer round of corridor of its cam surface the influence of size of emery wheel diameter, what assure curve of cam annulus corridor very hard so is correct. Production carries out a proof, when emery wheel diameter is big, grind the cam that go out thin, when hour of emery wheel diameter, grind the cam that go out fat, when the gyro wheel diameter that be close to when emery wheel diameter only or is equal to grinding profiling cam (it is φ570mm) commonly, error of its profile modeling is close to Yu Ling, grind the cam that go out namely curve of exterior annulus corridor is adjacent at profiling cam. In actual production, uses emery wheel diameter is commonly use D500 from D600(or 610) , the emery wheel diameter with ideal (570) differs very much, the cam curve that there always is major camshaft in be being produced so exceeds bid. To solve this problem, we use grinding of CBN emery wheel on grinder of cam of profiling profile modeling, can make diameter of CBN emery wheel into D575, CBN abrasive layer is thick for 4 ~ 5mm, its are ground annulus grinding is the smallest the diameter is D565, although grinding diameter limits has 10mm only, but number of grinding spare parts is equivalent to a few common emery wheel however, can make sure cam curve is correct not only, and also won't produce grinding burn phenomenon. If company of Liton industry automation uses camshaft of grinding of CBN emery wheel, its cost was reduced 50% , the fatigue intensity of cam surface rose 30% ; The factory uses oily motor of fencing bavin of assist of east wind Motor Corporation camshaft of Leng Jizhu iron of kibble of emery wheel of CBN of bond of pottery and porcelain, 5mm of ~ of T=4 of surplus of its cam grinding, υ arenaceous =60m/s, n=100r/min of workpiece rotate speed, υf=0.1mm/s, use liquid of high speed grinding, the life of CBN emery wheel is equivalent to emery wheel of 20 corundum abrasive basically. 2.CBN emery wheel inside the efficiency of round grinding inside the application in aperture grinding all the time very low, its are main the reason is material of grinding speed, emery wheel reach the rigid issue that grinds lever character. In producing a course, use in nap emery wheel, change the time of emery wheel took sheet almost the 1/3 ~ 1/5 of man-hour. If inside circle or groove grinding use CBN to eletroplate emery wheel, raise emery wheel rate, increase grind shank diameter, can raise workpiece rotate speed and feed rate appropriately, can assure aperture not only (arc) broad measure of diameter, chamfer and form precision, exterior surface roughness and avoid burn, and OK still twice land improves treatment efficiency, reduce finished cost. Like home some factory treatment produces per year 600 thousand spin machine scroll bearing to cover, grind the arc chamfer of the aperture of φ15.5 0.04 and photograph adjacent, used chromic corundum in the past (GG) emery wheel, need to part with two working procedure the treatment on round inside two M224 grinder, its chamfer (arc) the coaxial with aperture spends diameter difference and dimension to assure very hard, and efficiency is low, after using CBN emery wheel, add thick grind lever, raised feed, managing nap and change the time of emery wheel, solved original problem thoroughly. Hind instead aperture, channel is ground at the same time, grinding lever to make up namely two emery wheel, make grinding efficiency raises 1 times, saved a grinder. Machines workpiece surface surface roughness is the grinding craft parameter that Ra0.63μm uses: υ arenaceous =36m/s, υ2=19m/min, f is thick cut =1μm/r, f essence cuts =0.5μm/r, light grinds time T=bs, use value of emulsification of 10% pH indicator. 3. Using grinding of gear of gear of grinding of CBN emery wheel is to use odd tooth flank and grinding of much tooth flank before, although grinding of odd tooth flank can obtain taller treatment precision, but efficiency is low, cost is high, although grinding of much tooth flank manufactures efficiency tall, but its machine quality to age than sheet grinding is differred. If use grinding of CBN emery wheel, no matter use grinding of odd tooth flank to still use grinding of much tooth flank, use eletroplate CBN emery wheel or emery wheel of bond of pottery and porcelain undertake grinding, its effect is very distinct: (1)CBN emery wheel can make the tooth form with taller precision, because durability is tall, not frequent nap, do not need to often adjust a machine tool, can obtain stable tine corridor, lead and pitch precision. (2) can realize high speed grinding and tooth flank of grinding of tall feed rate, surface roughness is low and won't burn, taller gear precision can be obtained below the condition that improves grinding efficiency (7 class of 6 ~ ) . (Life of 3)CBN emery wheel is long, grinding performance is good, managing emery wheel changes nap, machine tool is adjusted and workpiece detects wait for a lot of auxiliary time. 4. Applied CBN grinds a material of treatment difficult treatment and difficult treatment to face hard steel of temper by dipping in water or cold hard cast-iron a honing of aperture, can use CBN honing oilstone, mix to high strenth, tall hardness the alloy steel of sex of high fever quick, stainless steel, refractory steel and alloy, appropriate uses the CBN emery wheel of tall hardness, high strenth, use extremely press emulsion or fluid of high speed grinding to undertake cooling. To longer slideway face or complex model the profiling axis of grinder of face, cam all appropriate uses CBN emery wheel. The application of material of big thrust wide CBN in machining key working procedure no matter CBN material is made cutting tool or make grind, apply at high speed cutting or grinding, can receive improve product quality, improve treatment efficiency, shorten treatment cycle and reduce the distinct effect such as finished cost. Accordingly, in treatment, knife of big thrust wide CBN (grind) providing is the strong step that improves production technology. Dan Repu alls over promotion to use, still have a lot of problems. Popularize use CBN knife better for aborning (grind) , should do the work of the following respects: 1. Play CBN knife (grind) provide an academy () dominant intention is current manufacturer of domestic CBN material the home is very much, output is not little also, but of high quality not much, CBN knife (grind) provided stable user is fewer. Investigate its reason basically is the CBN knife with machining costly to the price branch (grind) have devoid choice and devoid knowledge, purchase the CBN tool actual effect that come not much, in its the condition with constrictive economy falls, dare not invest easily undertake craft experiments. Want to solve this problem, have CBN knife only (grind) provide an academy () the manufacturing unit that active and thorough machinery creates, the choice produces the weak point of efficiency and quality, and the spot that already was had or creates CBN to machine a condition easily, talk things over with the user sign joint development CBN to use a contract. The CBN knife that by the tool development unit is in charge of offerring an experiment freely to use (grind) , the user is in charge of offerring experiment place to need the organization below the condition to produce a test. This was developed with all possible means enthusiasm, choose to be made to the tool from CBN quality, can undertake with the best, rapiddest rate, the user arrives from preparative experiment condition use, saw the gain that achieves contract aim cost, cost of not beautiful experiment solved manufacturing difficult problem, popularize very easily. And tool courtyard () Yi Ke is in the following in offerring money, reclaim stage by stage profit, want both sides to retain mutually beneficial, mutual benefit only, synergic relationship is met more consolidate. My factory uses this kind of means and much home academy namely (school) developed a lot of new technologies. 2. Realize 3.1 line to combine development, namely CBN- - the tool is made- - user or CBN and tool are made- - machine tool- - a lot of applies in machining treatment difficulty that the user develops CBN jointly, although can use CBN tool to solve, but current condition, domestic where home can be not accomplished alone, because be CBN tool extremely,Dou Youji is mixed especially all-purpose process capability. We ever also had used boracic cylinder bushing of boring of essence of CBN razor blade, its effect is not as good as razor blade of new-style pottery and porcelain. Its reason is many sided, if norms of CBN quality, content, brand reachs bond,wait to whether suit the treatment with cast-iron boron. The element that grinds the grinding effect that has an effect as to CBN is more, the quality that removes oneself raw material, outside deserving to compare and grind a production technology, still have use condition and technology. Be like grinding speed (speed of grinding of applied high speed) , grinder tigidity is good, without vibration, automatic and careful feed and nap compensate orgnaization, proper grinding parameter and cooling fluid to wait, these are the main factors that supplement each other, rely on to concern respect joint efforts, improve the quality of oneself product severally, promote each other, ability makes CBN tool and special device are used successfully at production. 3. Begin CBN knife actively (grind) make the research user with use technology hope to use an effectual CBN tool, for this, requirement tool creates an unit, besides the production technology that improves CBN tool as soon as possible, the quality that still answers a product establishs specific appraisal standard and method, distributing certain performance data, the CBN content that is like cutting tool and brand, grind provided hardness and CBN precision, chroma to wait, undertake manufacturing use a test on this foundation, so that fill the manufacturing experience that distributes brandish user, the treatment that obtains to different cutting parameter and cooling fluid place undertakes contrasting analytic as a result, make CBN tool gets rising character. The technical form a complete set of the suitable scope of CBN tool, use condition and application (wait for) like equipment and cooling fluid, the user can be chosen correctly and use CBN tool. 4. The user needs to increase product quality awareness, be brave in to improve production technology 21 centuries are high-tech times, the product must be to high-powered, high quality just has the market, the enterprise just has vitality. For this, answer to raise production technology level as soon as possible, and promotion uses CBN tool to improve production technology is a kind of strong step, what this needs to concern director branch not only is strong aid financially and support, the technical form a complete set that organization, designedly popularizes CBN tool stage by stage and use, also ask the user is brave in to accept new material, new technology at the same time, change old-fashioned in the past production concept and administrative method, namely knife (grind) all use up cost index very low, make the 1/100 left and right sides that holds product cost only, is not in order to increase production efficiency and make sure product quality is accurate, the knife with such meeting high grade and efficient limitation (grind) the play that has application and advanced equipment productivity. Carry out a proof, CBN knife (grind) the treatment quality that provided effect can improve a product not only, and also can raise economic benefits.
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