Route of development of estate of Chinese metalloid collier is in He Fang
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Exploration industry dimensions changes the way that refines with product essence

One is less than the small industry of 3 million only from personnel of course of study, it is important to offerring traffic of building materials, building, light industrial, metallurgy, aerospace, canalage, war industry, chemical industry, electric power, electric equipment to wait national economy a moment however industrial raw material of the industry, the material that supporting industry of new and high technology and environmental protection cause needs especially. Although 91 metalloid mine are planted year of exploitation treatment total value is insufficient one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan, occupy Gross National Product 0.5% , but the industrial GDP value that having direct correlation with metalloid mineral products occupied Gross National Product to get 6%~7% however. Especially at present, the whole nation is emphasizing a section can decreasing the circumstance of the platoon to fall up and down, how does metalloid collier course of study grasp support the principle that can develop continuously, change the small, random, current situation that come loose, contented countryman economy each demand of big industry, the development of stimulative economy and progress? Recently, during borrowing association of trade of Chinese metalloid collier to hold water 20 years, association and center of transmission of news of Chinese building materials hold a news conference in Beijing, on the meeting, association of trade of Chinese metalloid collier carries out the concerned leader such as director Zhang Zhan to put forward: Does Chinese metalloid collier also develop a road to be in He Fang?

One: How to realize metalloid collier course of study to you can develop continuously?

Reserve of our country metalloid ore is substantial, the mine with a few the widest application is planted reserve all ranks world front row, among them earth of embellish of magnesite, barite, Peng, black lead, gesso rank No. 1 in the world; Grey stone of fluorite, steatitic, silicon, lukewarm asbestine, mirabilite rank No. 2 in the world. But rich store the exploitation that mine quantity cannot bear to be spent indefinitely. According to statistic, develop according to current exploitation condition, our country metalloid mine will lose development reserve strength inside 20 years.

In company of more than 80 thousand countrywide metalloid mine, 95% above are small and medium sized business, it is individual partly greatly quite among them small mine. Each mine plants entire industry to fail large backbone company. Enterprise scope is little, hard to avoid lacks long-term vision, eager for quick success and instant benefit, use the means of ” of exploitation of “ plunder type, the case that excessive of metalloid ore natural resources picks chaos to dig is very severe, certainly will of this one situation will shorten greatly the development life of resource of metalloid mineral products.
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