Cutting tool of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel shows his powerful competi
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From 20 centuries since 70 time, the market share of high-speed steel cutting tool gradually by nibble of place of hard alloy cutting tool. But in recent years, as pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel (P/MHSS) of function of cutting tool cutting rise, the market of high-speed steel cutting tool is had rate pick up somewhat again.

Compare with photograph of cutting tool of common high-speed steel, hardness of cutting tool of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel taller, tenacity is better, more wear-resisting caustic, because this is in certain applying domain (the treatment situation that if Gao Chong attacks gender, big excision,measures) , high-speed steel cutting tool has pulverous metallurgy to replace brittleness to produce the trend of the cutting tool of integral hard alloy of disintegrate more greatly, easily below cutting concussion gradually.

Workmanship of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel at 20 centuries 60 time later period develops a success in Sweden, enter the market at 70 time initial stage. This craft can add more alloying element in high-speed steel and won't damage the obdurability of material or grind a gender easily, can make thereby have tall hardness, tall wearability, can absorb cutting the concussion, cutting tool that suits tall excision to lead treatment and interrupted cutting treatment.

Material of high-speed steel cutting tool basically forms by two kinds of main ingredient: One kind is metallic carbide (molybdenum of carbonization tungsten, carbonization or carbonization vanadium) , it gifts the wearability with better cutting tool; 2 it is to distributing in the steel matrix all round, it makes cutting tool is had better tenacity and absorb the concussion, ability that prevents disintegrate. Preparation is common when high-speed steel, it is will fused molten steel from mould of the infuse in ladle, make its slow cooling and caky. Right now, metallic carbide from the separate out in solution, form bigger conglomeration. The alloy content that adds in high-speed steel is more, carbide conglomeration is bigger. Achieve some when critical point, can form conglomeration of dimension huge carbide (the diameter can amount to 40mm) . Appear the critical point of big carbide conglomeration according to the dimension of steel ingot and other element differ somewhat, but it is commonly happen when carbonization vanadium content achieves about 4 % . Forging through undertaking to steel ingot, the follow-up treatment such as rolling, can smash among them conglomeration of one part carbide, but eliminate its completely impossibly. Although increase the amount of grain of carbide of the metal in rolled steel to be able to improve the wearability of material, but the addition as alloy content, the dimension of carbide and conglomeration amount also can increase subsequently, this can produce extremely adverse effect to the tenacity of rolled steel, because big carbide group is fast,the likelihood makes the initiative point that produces crackle.
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