Chinese mould steel was used 2010 will amount to 1 million tons
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The message that comes from association of Chinese mould industry shows, dimensions of market of Chinese mould steel expands ceaselessly. By at present development is added fast computative, chinese mould steel used the scale that attains hopeful 1 million tons 2010. It is at present in Chinese mould steel, plastic mould steel occupies 50 % about, predict its demand returns will further growth.

But, the growth that Chinese mould uses steel output is not apparent, mould industry uses the import volume of steel to growing day and day to high-grade mould, the mould still will be climbed considerably with the entrance of steel litre. Statistic shows, the entrance basically comes from and other places of Japan, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Korea.

It is reported, direction of development of international rolled steel is those who raise rolled steel is pure degree, the mould uses vacuum generally to take off remelting of broken bits of gas, report to assure character with steel.

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