Abrasive worries an industry the significant position in machining and developme
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Came on March 26, 2008 on March 28, group of survey of composition of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference goes to Shandong to save Zi rich city and Shandong Lu Xingao Inc. of new technology industry undertakes on-the-spot survey is mixed make an on-the-spot investigation. Survey group heads a group at precious comrade by chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, the member includes: Duan Yingcai of Zhou Kai of executive vice-chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference, deputy total accountant and Liu heart get the better of a comrade.
During survey, the further innovation development that leads pair of Zi rich economy and machinist industry at precious chairman and Zi rich city exchanged an opinion, to how accelerating the reform of machinist industry of Zi rich city and development further, chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference will support development of machinist estate of Zi rich city as always to reach consensus henceforth. Inspected Shandong Lu Xingao at precious chairman and survey group emphasis Inc. of new technology industry, the experience in listening to company leader technically to expand process of the history, reform, job about the company and lesson, taking result and the working train of thought henceforth, job that expands a target is reported, the main problem of the development foreground that worries an industry to abrasive of the development trend of technology of current world grinding, our country, opportunity that face and challenge, existence and the analysis that solved the problem such as method to undertake comparative development study.
Abrasive worries an industry is one of industry of machine tool tool main branch, its product applies extensively at machining all trades and professions in manufacturing industry, and the applied field that involves in recent years gets expanding ceaselessly. The cutting that is used extensively in mechanical industry at all sorts of spare partses, make, and all sorts of material are broken character cut, nap and polish; With Yu Gang in metallurgy industry embryo gives the finishing after furnace, wire factory uses the nap of the model that pull silk and old roll, the cut of all sorts of wire; The makes material of the polish with the surface, stone sculpture of the exploitation that is used at stone material in mine industry, plank; Use at the treatment of crock of piston of car crankshaft, cam, engine in automobile industry, the processing of layer of car appearance paint; The cut of runway of the broach sampling in all sorts of construction projects, airport and highway; Be in light industrial the nap that is used at plank, furniture, leather, plastic, glass, stainless steel in the industry and polish; And the application with very wide industry waits in exploitation of construction industry, geological exploration, oil, abrasive grinds those who provide a product to be weighed to be the “ tooth ” that machines manufacturing industry. Grind in arrive greatly metallurgy, mechanical, electron, small get applied in the numerous industry such as the golden printing paper that uses nap fingernail to the small wheelhead that dentistry uses, lady and domain. In recent years, abrasive still is applied extensively at the industry such as purifier of tail gas of pottery and porcelain of high-grade and fireproof material, project and high-grade wear-resisting material, car. Abrasive worries an industry is one lives with national economy and people closely related, have strategical the fundamental industry of the meaning. As a result of this reason, abrasive grinds a very small fraction in although be machinist job only,having an industry to support an industry, but the strategic position with be being held very significant however, all in all effect is being produced in the development of machinist job. It is so when the Second World War, nazi Germany ever before the abrasive of Russia grinds a production enterprise to label first strategic bomb target.
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