Abrasive price soares again
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One, spurt in prices

After rising in price again from abrasive of January palm corundum, reluctance is smooth nearly two months. Enter March palm corundum piece appear again rise in price phenomenon, april the price is rocket more after the middle ten days of a month. Corundum piece by the beginning of the year 2900 yuan / ton, hundred of round one of successive one hundred rises roundly, 3700 yuan till today / ton, compare with the photograph end 2007, corundum of every tons of palm piece rise nearly 1000 yuan, go up fast fast, go up tall, really breathtaking, when be a head, when to seal a top, fact is hard forecast. Besmear is added grind with abrasive AP arenaceous by last year 4000 yuan of December / ton 4200 yuan to January hind / ton, 4500 yuan / ton, 4600 yuan / ton mix 4800 yuan / ton. On May 10 classics Great Wall, for civilian wait for a few abrasive to punish bead mill boss serious business accounting, by of 80% yield rate computation, cost price of real makings of sand milling of AP of bath of corundum of simple class palm exceeds 5200 yuan / ton, still do not contain any treatment gain. With compared in December 2007, cost price already rose nearly 1300 yuan.

Current price change lets a lot of friends understand hard. Oneself received the telephone call that comes from each district friend and industry colleague ceaselessly on April 20 (besmear adds those who worry an industry, have fireproof data industry, the company that has manufacturing abrasive and use abrasive enterprise) the price of the element that enquires palm corundum abrasive soares quickly and future is forecasted. To satisfy the requirement of friend and colleagues, oneself express a few individual views here, offer reference only, undeserved place please contain forgive.

The reason that palm corundum rises in price has electric power insecurity, resource in short supply, crop decreases, dosage rises etc.

1, electric power is nervous:

Palm corundum is to use the aluminous ore that ability formed 100000000 (renown aluminium is aluminous, aluminous stone of formal name water) classics high temperature carbonadoes after burning dehydration again classics machine is broken, deserve to need material to be become via electric stove smelt with other place again next. Smelting furnace is so-called electric tiger, belong to tall pollution high cost can equipment, produce a ton of corundum to want bad news report now 3000 degrees or so. And national government is right April fulfil 2008 environmental protection, energy-saving fall bad news target increased strength, “ advances the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon to go up again with all one's strength new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, close stop small fire phone the tough measure that any enterprises do not indulge ” , accelerate quite of partial small power plant shut. Fulfil a country to appoint the total end that the whole nation will close group of electric machinery of 1300 kilowatt small fire this year. The industry of whole town power that Zhengzhou city Zhao Jiancai's mayor held on April 22 emphasizes on structural adjustment and conference of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon: Want to be attached most importance to with overall situation, painful be determined, concentration has hit small fire report to close stop fight of assault fortified positions, according to " government of Zhengzhou city people shuts shutdown to make executive opinion about accelerating group of small fire electric machinery " , this year before May 30, whole town will close stop group of small fire electric machinery 2.022 million kilowatt, close stop power plant of ammunition of 20 more than wife and children, occupy the whole nation closes this year 1/6 what halt catalogue bid. Smelting furnace of Henan palm corundum uses small fire phone mostly. Network report former already balance of supply and demand, smelt applies for network report to also need to have paragraph of process again, add corundum smelt to belong to eliminate a trade, application network report may be worse. At present partial smelt electric power is used not quite, cannot open furnace normally, partial smelting furnace is used without report, cannot produce, and the furnace of countrywide 5000KVA above is gross near 60, and Henan has 36. Because electric power insecurity causes palm corundum crop a large number of reducing is one of elements that rise in price.
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