Industry expert talks about palm corundum to rise in price
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This is the prelude that the industry changes merely
Shen Lanying (senior engineer) nuncupative

Former the Shen Gong that chief engineer of 7 arenaceous groups, abrasive worries a committee member of association committee of experts rises in price to this agitation deep feeling is quite deep, his development posture with respect to current industry condition and industry did deepness analysis.

Multiple element is brought about rise in price

Speak of corundum material rise in price reach the reason that rise in price, shen Gong says, corundum material belongs to product of material of the resource that resource of raw material, electric power, manpower forms for main cost primary base, because raw material rises in price, resource deficient, produce can superfluous, production cost and product price are in for years extremely unreasonable hang condition, rising in price is inevitable; Affecting the factor that corundum material rises in price is many sided, tell from objective angle, the last ten-day of a month in 2007 arrives to rise in price at present, it is in the country macroscopical adjusting control falls, the country asks relevant manufacturing industry carries out resource of environmental protection processing, mineral products to rectify what wait for policy measure to cause and facilitate, 2 it is to produce the value that arousal of manufacturing industry oneself gains in tandem to go up situation. This is common only what the material that grind carve rises in price to change with the industry is prelusive; Below the combined influence of multiple element, the resource that accords with objective law of value truly is restricted model the Zhan Caigang of price of produce and sale just began, the stern test that life and death of a lot of enterprise lives or die just begins sortie, what abnormal enlarge allows is superfluous produce what can combine resource in the influence of a variety of elements and put together to restrict below, its price system will get bigger impact, industrial system also will encounter merciless keep within limits.

Current, our country is common the material that grind carve (corundum) manufacturing production company has 150 or so about, its productivity is in about 1.5 million tons of above, press productivity computation, at present corundum produces our country to be in 1.9 million tons or so about with tall aluminous high grade ripe alumina; Because metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, pottery and porcelain is a lot of the rapid development of fundamental data industry, the aluminous aluminous demand that regards a foundation as resource also jumps in fast long; And resource of our country bauxite 80% belong to unmanageable in low grade mine, it is difficult that high grade ripe aluminous aluminous amount assures the tall aluminium that causes place of palm corundum smelt to use, and quality glides badly. In the meantime, because palm corundum smelt uses cast-iron bits resource also more hasten is nervous, sex of this one bottleneck is restricted show already undoubted; Anthracitic (anxious carbon) because its dosage is opposite less, with alumina and cast-iron bits resource photograph comparing shows tension slightly, but its also are in for goods quality drop ceaselessly; These, climb what cause cost of palm corundum smelt directly litre of …… successively, multiple element is brought about rise in price, dated industry is manacled and ideal pattern is being broken, the new sexual price that follows the order of nature balances a system to be being produced than concept and market.
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