River retail sales gives aid to lumber processes a business energetically
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Second party generation can be in eleventh of river retail sales the “ that put forward translates ” goal 4 times one time in, put forward “ to develop contemporary agriculture, increase farmer income, accelerate rural economics to expand the demand of ” . Forestry serves as a of big agriculture main component, in accelerating contemporary forestry to develop the process of pace, want to develop forestry property energetically, adjust forestry estate structure stage by stage, compose is built breed with silvan natural resources for the foundation, with forest treatment industry is bibcock.

Current, the forest of the dimensions on river retail sales machines an enterprise to have 4, these 4 enterprises can use up forest every year 600 thousand stere, annual produce achieves 600 million yuan or so. Local government should increase the policy that processes a business greatly to these large lumber to give aid to, in the meantime, each enterprise should strengthen a technology to begin research, increase own innovation capacity.

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