The keenly felt pain of diamond products industry is worth an enterprise to thin
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How strengthening as products industry control oneself and review a respect to talk very more, very deep also. The Wang Zong with late a moment ago gain talks first-rately, I special also approval these viewpoints. My speech point of view on the meeting last year is very clear, object getting malign competition, strong appeal strengthens an industry to control oneself. I put forward everybody to want “ to be restricted to produce support value ” on the meeting last year, we did the work of this respect, stopped one part press. No matter such results that do are advantageous to our enterprise, but I feel I used up a bit one's pygmy effort to the industry. May final authority does not have such doing, the effect also is not very ideal.

After all, wind storm rain walked over 2006, but my feeling makes diamond compound these enterprises, a lot of is worth to think over. But the keenly felt pain that still does not have products industry possibly, because made moral course of study experienced the problem that combats a dumping last year, have keenly felt pain, diamond industry, have pain spot, but everybody talks Debuduo. I feel our diamond industry, should assimilate a lot of things from inside making those who taste an industry think over. The problem that they talk about, we are faced as much. Hit 2006 dozen kill kill a year, also came over. I feel strengthen an industry autonomic difficulty is very great, from at the beginning actively appeals in the industry, carry our a few works, with a few manufacturers the home communicates regularly, communication view, it is to hope to strengthen an industry to control oneself. I feel really very difficult, because Chinese national condition decided. We the industry of a lot of China, garment industry, shoe cap industry, this route that diamond takes now is the route that these industries had taken earlier stage. This I feel is a kind of distress that our diamond production industry regards entrepreneur as, we jump out without courage and resource this kind of route that people has gone. We should compete fairly, have a lot of very good idea actually. The industry shuffles this kind wash out me not to object, I feel is meddlesome affection, but we should have a lot of better choices as entrepreneur. I feel price war is a kind of the most elementary method, injury person is killed oneself ah.

2007, I feel very hopeful still. Be in finally from last year of guild chair below, 3 tycoons can sit, reach this kind of consensus, this is a first-rate thing for itself. We serve as the enterprise of the 2nd group, special reception. We are appealing all the time previously, came true eventually, it is a business that is worth to rejoice to the industry. After the price is stable, regard us as the enterprise for, looked round to come over so hard last year, feel a few more relaxed, again difficult 2007 won't sad 2006. We stopped one part press last year, I was told so on the meeting at that time, my do what one says, use, as a member of the industry, all order duty. This year, the price was stabilized, our press a standard-sized sheet rose. These two years actually technical research and development is our working centre of gravity. A moment ago bright red strong point was told, business management is final it is cost management, fall the important step of cost is technical progress. The analysis travels together now, we rise quite, basically cost is about the same, per unit area yield is more than 100 carat, 102 the left and right sides, cost 0. 25 yuan or so, about the same. Everybody also does not start price war, return can small profit to be done so. We are be expert at the fixed position of course of study, now 106 press, also do not prepare temporarily again outspread. Because look antecedent condition, I feel, dilate is adverse to the industry, our press of short duration does not prepare to go up again. We are not begged the biggest, also do not beg the strongest, do a greenery namely in the fixed position of diamond industry, the client that gives us offers a kind of alternative.
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