4 big secret worry will still affect development of industry of machinery of mat
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6 years of the end of the year, people is in when forecasting mechanical this year industry to increase rate, took more cautious attitude, think to grow speed to be in commonly 20% the left and right sides. However, from a year run a result actually to look, growth rate far outclass of people anticipate. Although current statistical data still is 1 ~ October, but basis before experience, the growth circumstance of annual all already was mastering in. Machinist job will be in successive on the base that 4 years high speed increases, reap a particular year of another fast growth, growth rate will be achieved 28% the left and right sides.

The pressing sex that grows quickly to make we grow way to accelerating change economy easily continuously is loosened somewhat, still can issue wrong message to the society at the same time, cause further produce can excessive dilate, mask the contradiction of supply exceeds demand of our country mechanical industry, postpone fulminant time, what aggravate did not come is contradictory.

Chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference is analysing machinery to be versed in point out when trade current situation at precious, on one hand, high-end product demands exceeds supply, low end the state of product supply exceeds demand had be notted change at all up to now, “ is big and not strong ” still is the main contradiction of structure of industry of our country machinist estate; On the other hand, grow a negative effect that brings possibly too quickly to mechanical this year industry to want to have sufficient knowledge. Yu Zhen thinks, in be versed in industry grows, current mechanism is existing the following 4 outstanding issues:

It is the subject that the industry promotes is weak and flabby. Although progress of industry of arms of file leader of a batch of industries is not little, but the scale that attains with respect to its and level, put to world stage both neither is big more not strong. Increase the oncoming force that buys company of our country advantage in foreign capital now very fierce, if answer undeserved, the subject that the industry promotes will lose support, our country machinist general of course of study by long-term solidify the low end at international industry catenary.

2 it is discomfort of change of economic growth pattern, outstanding expression is in: Excessive the growth that depends on objective crop, what the industry grows to break through denotative growth urgently is inertial; Compare with the photograph of person of the same trade of the developed country, line of business of contemporary production service grows discomfort, become our soft costal region and short leg; The specific power consumption that the unit yields and rolled steel are used up drop slow, especially the bad news of steel of specific power consumption that the unit after 2000 yields drops apparent hasten delay; Growth of fixed assets investment is too rapid, produce can outspread too fierce.
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