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Our product is exit of 70 % left and right sides about, end last year the statistic December 31, do not include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao inside, export 59 nations in all. Benefit of our industry peaceful comes, the matrix of the high-end product of the company such as holy dagger class, basically use our Hai En. Annual christmas, before December 25, production of the 2nd year plans 80 % already full. Should tell, have cast a person to have get one's own back. The route that Hai En takes, when beginning, be to take doctrine, but we want to develop it to take development creed ” for “ .

By 2004, I suggest our company established center of a research and development, the 7—8 % that takes out a sale every year to stop a person will use as the research and development of the company. We wait for these countries with Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, also formed the group of a research and development, with them a few is mix transversely fore-and-aft combination, but in this combination process, unlike sea favour has foreign capital to be inside, this one is ourselves purely, be our Chinese, we leave this in home together. Arrive from reforming and opening now, the collaboration of much and abroad, basically take the skill in abroad. They just used production center a future life of China to produce the product on their concept; core, with the top end of final profit, stay in themselves hand. Hai En avoided this, we drop share dilute of abroad gradually now, turn in the hand of our Chinese slowly, be in a few this years all the time keep be being done so. Will tell from my individual, still be a dinkummer nationalist. Our Chinese is not as stupid as others, we want the product that has made comes to method. Will tell to Haien, the technology had, the market had, I and the other everybody that be present have a consensus: Our Chinese is not not to make the product that has given. But put in a problem, as a result of the difference of our culture, the thing that we make today and what built yesterday is different, I believe this is to be present what everybody encounters is same a problem. Should go changing at hand these people are unlikely, can from the system, from the creation on company culture an atmosphere affects them. Hai En is in this respect is above all mix from quality inspection supervise come up begin. We pledge check personnel occupies the 16 % above that produces personnel now. If the product went out to be hit again, basic this client was done not have. At the outset the Italian spoke, industry of lumber saying stone is asinine industry, can go forth only, cannot go to regressive, when occurrence problem when likelihood this client with respect to forever lose. The Chongzhongzhi that so the assurance to quality is Hai En all the time is heavy. It is the research and development that I a moment ago mentioned additionally, must want to absorb advanced experience of abroad and technology, and should turn it into oneself. We should abide by the game regulation on international, also cannot copy copy word for word blindly. Our successful case is, our stress detects machine (two above that go straight towards Lang Hebo to have us greatly such equipment) , the earliest be Mr Mummenhoff, at the outset a such very simple and easy equipment are a RMB about 900 thousand the left and right sides, but after taking China to come, not be very practical, have difference with us from software, there also is difference on the control that measures to producing quality. We the experience according to these a few years, it give up, the center of research and development that is us oneself transform it later end, oneself are done. This is me tell we should be taken develop even, only such our ability innovate quite. What Haien served for what be present in the past is too little, the contribution that makes for Chinese market is too little. If everybody is in,the tool will produce this field henceforth, there is what problem on matrix, although look for me, I can do my best to serve for everybody certainly.
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