Energy-saving decrease a project of 700 thousand tons of alumina to obtain " the
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The project of 700 thousand tons of alumina that branch of Henan of Chinese aluminous course of study undertakes receives in glory 2007 year country silver medal of high grade project, was commended on January 5 in Beijing. This is this company afterwards the 2nd group of conduit change a project to obtain a country to actor or actress the project of large award of project of another actor winning a state after silver-colored award.

Project of 700 thousand tons of alumina, it is medium aluminous Henan branch relies on the ———“ of the energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon that has own intellectual property conduit of stone of one water duralumin changes dissolve to give technical ” , make full use of bauxite of the low grade in Henan, the lime that high level, high quality builds does obeisance to ear law alumina to produce a system. This project on May 17, 2004 break earth, 16 months exceed course weak point groovy construction at formal in September 2005 put into production, shift to an earlier date than designing time limit for a project 10 months, created domestic alumina project to build the fastest, investment science of inferior, government, quality is top-ranking wait for multinomial record, in making, alumina of aluminous Henan branch is produced can achieve 2.3 million tons of above, continue to hold a title first place of Asian alumina company, enterprise of alumina of bound of ascend one's life experience 5 strong, standard of integral technology equipment realized new leap.

Wang Xihui of general manager of aluminous Henan branch introduces in, because used a series of own innovation technologies, compare with conventional technology photograph, investment of this project technological equipment is economic 24.7% , manufacturing specific power consumption is reduced about 50% , new water is used up reduce 32% , soot discharge capacity decreases 87.5% , discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur decreases 80% , index of technology of labor productivity of objective of average per capita and each economy achieves international advanced level. Since project put into production, accumulative total produces alumina 1.6 million tons, creation profit tax 2.2 billion yuan, total value of asset of branch of Henan of the aluminium in making and “ of sales revenue breakthrough double one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight ” .

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