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Basis in recent years statistical data shows, no matter be from be being returned for a long time is short-term in light of, the development speed of stone lumber industry had surmounted the development speed of world economy, this meant the development of industry of international stone lumber to had entered drive. Begin from 1990, year of annual yield with 7.3% , trade amount grows with the speed of 9.2% , and 2006, produced per year a quantity to increase 8.8% , trade amount increased, this goes up in stone material history, it is afterwards was mixed 1994 after 2003, grow one year most remarkable.

Overall for, global crop achieved 190 million tons 2006, do not include mine mine to counteract stone material to process the waste in the process, corresponding average consumption exceeds 1 billion square metre (groovy 2 centimeters of ply) , namely each 100 dwellers used 16.5 square metre, and 2005 this is occupied for 15.3, was 2004 14.6, was 2003 13.5. Chinese estate trades service website

What have conclusive development in material of the stone in global economy basically is stone material commerce, its amount exceeded 41.3 million tons: Machine and raw the data that pass, both comparative roughly, occupy respectively 43.6% with 56.4% , absolutely consumption of the whole world, under 2/3, this is equivalent to about 630 million square metre. Because of majority of consumption of this whole world, slightly little at 2/3, those who point to is far material, often carry toward what differ the country is assembled.

Main manufacturing country (China, India, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Brazil) 70.8% what crop held global total output, grew 3% 2005 compared to the same period. Consolidated respective market is had rate, the market also passed transition and reapportion.

In each staple market, begin from China, the price rose, machine what the product experienced 8 years to depreciate to fell 2003 to lowest, in 2004 and showed 2005 rise situation, reach about 16.5 dollars / square metre (Italian price is adjacent this numerary is fourfold) . This showed be based on a over profit brand-new strategy, after passing price war, basically depend on of rapid development of the technology and contemporary to ' combination ' material change one's costume or dress.

With respect to China character, its speak a volume, it is finished product for the most part among them, already exceeded ten million ton, having in Korea and Japan preferential the position that is forestall even, 25% what take global trade. Still have the industry that covers suitably with stone material additionally, especially processing technique kind, global crop achieved 250 thousand tons 2006, 2/3 use at commerce, italy reduced 5 percent in the portion of the market first, from 42% fell 37% , quantity of general assembly boat is achieved more than 600 thousand flower load (maund) , clinch a deal the forehead amounts to 500 million euro, among them 245 million euro is finished product (abrasive is ground, product of etc of bit, adhesive) .
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