Processing technique of lumber of 2007 whole nations and success of equipment de
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The processing technique of lumber of “2007 whole nation that gets industry attention fully and ” of equipment development workshop in November 2007 7-9 day is in Guilin city to be held smoothly. Come from countrywide lumber treatment and equipment domain personnel of technology of more than 130 expert of 100 many units, scholar, project and company president, general manager attended delibrate.

In recent years, our country lumber machines mechanical equipment industry to get great progress, industry measure increases ceaselessly, industry dimensions expands quickly, formed a certain number of is in to have the industrial group of certain influence domestic and internationally, produced a batch of markets to have the brand product with higher rate, foreign trade grows quickly repeatedly, present a good development state. However, we must see our country woodworker develops the reality of opposite lag soberly. Although our country already became world wood to produce big country, total output of man-made board, furniture, floor ranks world front row, but product of our country high-grade woodworker basically counts an import however; Come to our country nearly 5 years woodworker product outlet is average amplitude is lower than mechanical and electrical products 10 % , favourable balance has been before the exit of our country mechanical and electrical products is old, and woodworker is put in adverse balance of trade all the time.

To build national lumber processing technique and equipment communication platform, the technology that promotes treatment of our country lumber and equipment industry innovates, shorten level of technology of product of our country woodworker and international are advanced horizontal difference, association of Chinese forestry machine insists to drive industrialized ” , “ to use new and high technology and property of tradition of advanced and applicable technical reformation with informatization according to central affirmatory “ , revitalize the strategic deploy of ” of equipment manufacturing industry energetically, the applied ” on machinery is machined to give priority to a problem in lumber with technology of “ numerical control, the organization held a seminar. Relevant expert, scholar made wonderful presentation on the seminar respectively, machine development of mechanical equipment industry to make suggestions for our country lumber.

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