On the west gorge county factory of corundum of great single crystal and wash ri
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On the west gorge county factory of corundum of great single crystal and wash rice plain county factory of Zheng Honggang jade, transfer power of entire plant technology, the science and technology that holds water to head with hill of tiger of factory director king tackles key problem group, referenced " technical reference material " , rely on 18 years to come the mature technology of corundum of smelt single crystal, invest 5 million yuan, center force to tackle key problem, experiment to join preparation of magnesian etc chemistry into function alumina eventually, the tall single crystal of new product — of the quality of abrasive of corundum of ashen single crystal that production favorable balance of trade jumps over this factory to come from personal development formerly leads corundum (HSA) . Those who realize corundum of super and high grade single crystal is homebred change, the abrasive that is our country is ground provide and machine tool industry, add a kind of new advanced grinding material again; It is industry of our country abrasive the energy-saving, another put oneself in another's position that reduces a platoon now; Make production of single crystal corundum makes environmental protection, energy-saving item truly, established one meritorious service.
Corundum of advanced single crystal (HSA) has the following characteristic:
1, monocrystal number can be amounted to 95% , than former single crystal several many 20% above, (corundum of former single crystal (SA) monocrystal is occupied 60% the left and right sides, having 30% additionally is have flaw) .
2, compressive strength exceeds 26N, tenacity is as high as 90.5% , than tower above of former single crystal 20% .
3, AL2O3 content is as high as 99.4% above, its purity is good and all sorts of foreign matter are smaller. (Fe2O3 content does not exceed 0.08% , , siO2 is maintained in 0.04% . )
4, corundum of former single crystal (SA) many sulfur is discharged to enrage to the middle of air in smelt process, gas of many vulcanization hydrogen produces in hydrolysis process, have harm effect to human body, pollute air again, vulcanization hydrogen gas is right of all kinds metal (copper, zinc) of lead, of all kinds electric equipment corrode degree breathtaking, of all kinds lead does not go out to was met namely in March make rubiginous noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch and take off, discharge underwater a large number of sedimentary reach vulcanization hydrogen gas, pollute downstream source of water, it is early originally this item that eliminate, except home is badly in need of using this kind of product, the likelihood is early did not have. Corundum of present HAS single crystal is smokeless in smelt process without odour, the product machines a process not to have vulcanization hydrogen gas, to atmosphere free from contamination, discharge without sewage, produce whole process not to pollute an environment.
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