Mining industry will march western metalloid mine field
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On December 25, 2007, association of trade of Chinese metalloid collier held “ in Beijing Mei Deya center association of trade of metalloid collier of news conference of ” of metalloid mine impression and China holds water 20 years to celebrate congress. This is in arisen resource sex industry, making from raw ore exploitation, mineral separation, extract, to careful treatment, provide data of all sorts of new and high technology, to the industrial chain that makes material of all sorts of new function environmental protection. Metalloid mine is to the countryman economy offers industry of fundamental industry raw material, new and high technology to support the trade that friendly function material wants material, environment especially, main effect is having in national economy, this industry is being changed towards industrial dimensions at present and the industry changes development way subtly, stride important step.

As we have learned, since 2006, in China the effort of association of metalloid collier trade falls, had been in in succession pool city, nub built even city and Ba Yan course of study of 3 metalloid colliers to develop base, still 9 base will be started in succession, it is those who realize industry of Chinese metalloid mine to fly laid solid foundation. Current, total production value of our country metalloid mine holds global production value nearly 20% . Through building base of metalloid minerals line of business, implementation industry dimensions is changed and product essence is refined, gross value of industrial output of our country metalloid mine will reach the world 30% taller even.

On the news briefing, western Jiang Song of general manager of company of renewable resources of industry of nonferrous metal of vice-president of limited company of mining industry group, China discloses, march the domain that be not mine will be western the main component of strategy of development of mining industry company. As the rapid development of our country economy, metalloid mineral products savors the position in national economy proportion of taller and taller, application is larger and larger, can give surely western can last of mining industry development provides vaster development space. Current, western mining industry already reached cooperative consensus with the association that be not mine, the association that be not mine also cooperates have the aid of bilaterally, achieve industry of grafting nonferrous metal to close to its change the strategic end of development to dimensions.

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