Web2.0, will intranet wind sale turn to He Fang?
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Web2.0The sale requirement enterprise of the times from close the trend is open. Of individuation, open sex, interactive sexWeb2.0Network environment, bring to company sale most abound indefinitely what revolution depends on news channel, more information released means and feedback channel to break the tall wall between enterprise and client already, intranet wind sale also is faced with an idea change. Sum up these change simply, basically reflect in
1, take a stand from media, enterprise act in an opera; Take a stand to him enterprise, oneself act in a Chinese opera
In traditional sale, often be media takes a stand, enterprise act in an opera, the enterprise is leading role, consumer is an audience. Before in the environment, media is just like40The play garden of time, the enterprise wants to act in a Chinese opera, common people thinks go to the opera, can look for play garden only. Await in those days, what to sing, what to see got play garden to say to calculate, common people can be done not have so much say a head. Bottle turn the star moves, changeover of heaven and earth, media developed, channel was abounded, TV, network, DVD, much to company option, the horny anomalous trichromatism of media is changed, consumer consequence aggrandizement. Face so much media channel, so extensive and changeful accept numerous demand, the media strategy of the enterprise chooses to always want to have a center, Web2.0
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