Statistical data shows business affairs of our country electron grows 60% compar
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According to foreign media coverage, center of Chinese Internet data (DCCI) say at issueing a report recently, electronic business affairs of China is developing quickly, expenses of electronic business affairs rose nearly 60% first half of the year this year.

According to the report of Internet data center, in before this year 6 months, defray of Chinese Internet user RMB 256.1 billion yuan (add up to 37.5 billion dollar about) , than 2007 the corresponding period grows 58.2% . The hopeful of defray of electronic business affairs of annual achieved a RMB 2008 587.4 billion yuan, grow 47.3% than 2007. In before this year 6 months, chinese netizen is 211.8 yuan through the average pay of Internet, than going up year of growth 13.9% .

This report points out: The development of “ electron business affairs basically is attributed to amount of Chinese Internet user add those who try to reach average and online consumption to increase. ”

According to coverage of Chinese home media, feburary, chinese Internet user exceeds 221 million, this makes China surmounts the United States, become have the netizen's most state.

Internet data center expresses, to the end of 2008, chinese netizen number will be achieved 263 million, grow 25% compared to the same period. By 2007, netizen number of China is 210 million.

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