100 grinding technologist assembles in Fellbach the 5th times to hold grinding t
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Grinding technologist assembles in Fellbach the 5th times, the theme that met this second year still is: Globalization reachs his to affect.

More than 100 experts attended the grinding technology annual meeting that holds in Fellbach, in two days of time altogether submitted 19 papers.

The 5th annual meeting this year publishs a company undertake by CarlHanser, the theme is " the grinding technology in globalization trend " . Referred paper range is very wide, from the globalization trend that analyses equipment of current machine tool, to the introduction new grinding technology is opposite the influence of grinding craft, and ask with what will use a field henceforth at present. Dr. Hans-RobertMayer published very main subject to make a speech on this annual meeting.

The market needs the innovation that goes up with the technology on the function

The origin of speech of the first special subject that met second year originally from inferior Dr. ChristophZeppenfeld of lab of cutting tool of treasure industry university is chaired, the theme is cutting tool technology and the innovation that component machines a respect. He thinks, the application of the item characteristics of innovation, modern processing technique and cutting tool has very great sense. Through optimized innovation the product can improve the manufacturing efficiency of the user, the technological process that changes through intelligence for instance and flow catenary can raise the competition ability of the user and resource utilization rate.

Dr. DirkFriedrich that comes from Koerber company made special subject presentation with respect to the grinding technology below globalization competition environment, suffer fully fix eyes upon. He thinks successful company should notice market trend, put forward: The enterprise must have very tall diaphaneity and good synergic mechanism. Successful company should extend its product in the market not only, more important is to should rise to machine deepness and be improved with the relation between the user.

Dr. ThomasArdelt that comes from Mahr company introduced the enterprise measurement in whole treatment flow technology. He thinks current trend is to use press close to at production, compositive at flow measure a technology. In addition, current development orientation is automation measure and amend a machine tool. Considering the trend that at present production lot narrows gradually, measure time to also need to shorten as far as possible.

The requirement that uses component undertakes innovating

Dr. HeinrichMushardt that comes from company of Koerber slip ring reported prospective market the requirement to grinding technology. He thinks, urgent affairs is to be developed can monitoring cutting tool and the system that produce flow, can compensate the interference that the place of high speed motion as a result of linear electric machinery and drive of pitching moment electric machinery brings. The most important is the application that wants patulous grinding machine tool and functional limits, be in as far as possible muti_function full treatment job is finished on the machine tool. Below this kind of circumstance, the imitate of flow is not first job.
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