Abundant of Guangdong another name for Guangdong Province is ground provide 3M a
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The reporter learned from 3M respect a few days ago, abrasive of abundant of Guangdong another name for Guangdong Province grinds a Huanade that be by 3M company formal authorization the area is abrade product head home is special inn. The city of wide Buddha hardware that 3M company will be located in Nanhai yellow Qi at be in on July 31 morning the 5th period abrasive grinds a professional market to hold brand of a Scotch-Brite 50 years to celebrate an activity, announce 3M China industry is abrade formally at the same time city of hardware of product Guangzhou wide Buddha is concessionary distribute door store opens, open business for new store begin. This the activity is indicating what the market support of channel of market of metals of ministry of career of product of 3M industry the tuber of elevated gastrodia plans is formal start. The channel partner that aims to be 3M offers extensive market kimono Wu to support, guarantee the benefit of channel partner.

3M company is founded 1902, headquarters is set in the holy Paul city of American Minnesota, it is the innovation of world-renowned diversity science and technology enterprise that cross a state. 3M company element in order to be brave in innovation, product is various and celebrated at the world, in its Shizhong of more than 100 single-page calendar developed a variety of 60 thousand high quality products. In modern society, the person that there is 50% on the world everyday direct or the product of company of secondhand 3M of bring into contact with.

3M company in the whole world 65 countries and area set subsidiary, the product is sold in 200 many countries and area, year turnover restrains 24.5 billion dollar. Regard the world as one of 500 strong companies, 3M company is in 2003 by " commercial weekly publication " judge for the whole world optimal expression 50 strong one of, was judged to be the whole world to have one of 20 companies of innovation spirit most 2005, successive two years selected " fortune " magazine “ most suffer admiration be in China one of enterprise ” .

And abrasive of abundant of Guangdong another name for Guangdong Province worries a trading company is one is having more than 10 years of abrasive to grind a production and the business that sell experience, hold to price of “ major, absorption, tall sex to compare the service tenet of ” , can accurate offer all sorts of polish for the client product and solve all sorts of technology difficult problem. In win market public praise while, also obtain the reliance of 3M company. This by 3M company authorization abrade product is specialized inn, it may be said is strong powerful combination, double benefit clear.

According to divulging, serve as global Scotch-Brite brand 50 years to celebrate the one part of series activity, the activity that Guangzhou stands will from it is day in the morning 9 when begin partly, to midday 12 when end. Except arrangement Scotch-Brite the Dcmo of newest range of products is revealed, experience the force that 3M technology innovates, the spot still has a variety of privilege and lottery activity and product technology to seek advice.
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