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Warm up ceaselessly as what machine process automation, to comply with the demand that the market is changing ceaselessly, what grinder production enterprise begins to will pay close attention to a focus to turn to grinder to make technology and automation treatment from crop, breed is shirt-sleeve, and the precision that how uses digitlization method to raise grinding machine further.

The automation of grinder

With a ha hold out manager of product of grinder of Chinese limited company Mr Wang Xiaohui: Current, the automation rate of grinder is higher and higher, automation also became a heat that grinder future develops. But in the course that pursueing automation, should be clear about above all is, what is achieving the goal that should automation achieve? Answer no more than is to be in assure quality while, the biggest change reduce manufacturing cost. Basically should consider two factors, it is machine tool itself above all, it is treatment craft next.

The implementation degree of automation is very tall to the requirement of machine tool itself, not all equipment has these functions. The machine tool needs to have a modular design, can satisfy the requirement of different user, will undertake flexible the treatment that turn. Besides, the machine tool still needs to have very high operation rate, and very extensive interface in order to increase with automation system between match.

Additional, treatment technology is right for automation system as much important. What automation should come true is a kind of operation that nobody turn, from send expect treatment to finish, each measure of meantime need have the aid of to detect in real time artificially. If was not achieved,expect an end, how to intervene machine tool make adjust? We are this process cent Pre-process, In-process and Post-process, before be being ground namely, grind counteract after grinding, the purpose can have stable, reliable production namely, any link occurrence problem, cannot realize the treatment of machine tool automation.

Current, to large quantities of quantities production asks highest is automobile industry, because this is right the demand of automation degree is very high also, the company of grand of constant of city of manufacturer chaste tree that is like country's biggest car power steering gear, produce the about 10 tens of thousands of product to tens of thousands of 20 every year, what they choose is to with a ha hold out the company's subordinate TSCHUDIN3 to join 1 grinding machine, this machine tool provides next makings unit on the knife, the measurement unit before deploying MARPOSS to grind, online measurement unit reachs the measurement unit after grinding, the control of whole production process realizes real automation production, the treatment synthesis that fits original need 3 times clip installs clip to finish for, at the same time treatment metre shortened 5 times above.
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