Superhard materials research and development to achieve substantive results Whe
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Zhengzhou Institute of Abrasives Grinding by the commitment of the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program, "High-speed cutting tools and efficient research and development," key project "Research and development of super-hard material grinding wheel," subject to achieve substantive results. The subject through the high-strength ceramic binder an d its preparation, taper wheel base processing and testing, complex-shaped surface grinding work uniform layer forming, high-speed ceramic wheel base manufacturing, and other key technologies and technology research, capturing the long-term constraints of high-speed ceramic Wheel technology related problems; through the preparation of low temperature metal bond, resin-metal composite such as technology research and development to fill the gaps in the resin / metal composite binder. Application of these technologies, the development of 4 high-speed machining crankshafts and camshafts new products ceramic CBN grinding wheel, grinding wheel diameter Ф350 ~ 650mm, the maximum use of grinding wheel crankshaft speed 125m / s, the maximum use of grinding Camshaft grinding wheel speed 160m / s. To meet the crankshaft, camshaft grinding efficiency requirements of different users, different workpiece materials (steel, castings), the grinding process the workpiece quality met the requirements of the workpiece, wheel of processing efficiency, durability and service life indicator near or at similar foreign products. Developed for cemented carbide, ceramic, metal ceramic blade high precision CNC grinding hardness of high-performance resin / metal composite bonded diamond grinding wheel peripheral, to meet the rough, grinding time required to complete the high efficiency grinding, at or near the main grinding performance level of similar foreign products, the workpiece on the grinding of different materials, the quality has reached the technological requirements. Formation of two types of products subject of two production lines, the results obtained in the crankshaft, camshaft, tool processing areas have been applied, the user has a volume applications Kazakhstan Dongan, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, Jinan heavy truck, ha a work, Xiamen Golden Egret, Chongqing, Thailand and Mongolia and so on. With the further application of project results, the estimated annual saving tools for business more than the cost of 170 million yuan, with good social and economic benefits.
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