Resource of mineral products of national control strategy
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Trade of our country rare opium still is in cheap exit should strive for price speech authority

To the protection of resource of strategic mineral products, matter to Chinese reality and future, it is the bottom line of national security and interest.

As the swift and violent development of world electron, war industry and high-tech industry, rare metal (especially rare earth) the main strategy resource that national security and progress make like be the same as oil, iron and steel.

And at present the our country rare metal, coke, gold mineral products resource that has strategic value is in production, exit and applied respect still are put in abnormal phenomenon, have interest of caustic country strategy, need establishs strong national control mechanism.

Advantage of resource of strategic mineral products is not shown

China produces a respect to have advantaged resource advantage in rare metal and coal, and because existence runs the confused, production that do not have foreword and blind outlet,wait for abnormal phenomenon, resource of these strategic mineral products did not produce enough beneficial result.

Rare earth is one of resource that China has strategic advantage. Come nearly 15 years, volume of rare earth export rose nearly 10 times, rare land price fell however 36% , the profit of company of domestic concerned minerals has 1% ~ generally only 5% . Although export,measure that is to say big, trade of our country rare opium was immersed in “ to sell morer however, earn jumps over little ” , still had appeared even “ does not sell not compensate, sell the situation of more deficient ” more.

What form sharp contrast to it is, because rare metal has some enormous value, add our country price of export of rare earth product is low, in recent years western developed country imports product of our country rare earth to try in great quantities in succession corner. The rare land mine that the United States, Australia, Canada state that has rare land mine partly implements restriction or stops to develop homeland, turn and lay in as the strategy from our country entrance.

Japan is typical resource shortage country, the rare earth mineral products that imports from our country occupies his to always import the scale of the quantity to be as high as 83% . To maintain the absolutely competition ability of native high-tech industry, province of Japanese economy industry announced in March 2006 indium, platinum and rare land 3 kinds of resource include reserve the boy or girl friend, enlarged the reserve limits of rare metal breed. In addition, because enterprise of churchyard foreign capital is in our country to buy rare earth raw material, raw product not to suffer exit,quota is restricted, the country such as Japan is in our country in recent years division of rare land natural resources (Inner Mongolia Baotou) extensive investment sets a plant, essence is to covert get raw material of our country rare earth.
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