Shanxi saves bauxite resource development to use a program
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One, introductive

(one) the purpose of the program, task

Shanxi is the bauxite resource big province of our country, of ascertain retain the 40% above that resource reserves takes the throughout the country, first what reside the whole nation. But the development of the development of aluminous resource and aluminous industry is compared however for years slow, alumina, electroanalysis aluminium produces photograph of as can aluminous as what abound resource to compare, industrial structure is endless and reasonable, ability does not match. The demand hasten flourishing as domestic alumina and aluminous material product, a lot of advantage companies aim at the bauxite natural resources with substantial Shanxi in succession, plan to invest the development of aluminous industry project. To produce advantage of Shanxi bauxite resource adequately, reasonable perambulate and development use bauxite resource, optimize development distribution, normative exploitation order, ensure configuration of natural resources of key alumina company, health of stimulative Shanxi aluminous industry develops, weave especially " development of resource of Shanxi province bauxite uses a program " (2006-2020 year) , the following abbreviation " plan " .

The task of this second program, it is according to Shanxi aluminium industry grows strategic goal, reasonable differentiate and sequential of object of the area of perambulate of resource of deploy Shanxi bauxite and the overall arrangement that develop mining area, configuration, development, produce can condition of dimensions, admittance, the protection with this guidance and resource of normative Shanxi bauxite, perambulate, development and examine and approve management, stimulative Shanxi aluminous industry is orderly, healthy, can develop continuously.

(2) program basis

1. " law of resource of mineral products of People's Republic of China " ;

2. " regulation of resource of Shanxi province mineral products " ;

3. " mineral products resource plans to run temporary measure " ;

4. " overall planning of resources of Shanxi province mineral products " (2000-2010 year) ;

5. " economy of Shanxi province countryman and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " ;

(3) guiding ideology

It is guidance with scientific progress view, capture a country to promote mid rise strategic good luck, produce the bauxite resource advantage of Shanxi adequately, make overall plans, equitable distribution, integrated perambulate, reasonable development, protect effectively, health of safeguard Shanxi aluminous industry, develop continuously.

(4) basic principle

1. holds to benefit of “ economic benefits, society, resource benefit and environmental benefit photograph to integrate the principle of ”
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