Hair change appoint plan to enlarge differential price limits to industry of hig
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Hold in 22 days 2007 on seminar of countrywide coke industry, national hair changes appoint concerned personnel discloses, hair change appoint the range that considering to enlarge a difference to fix a price to industry of high-energy bad news, wait in order to control these companies to water, report use up, and of contaminant discharge.

Differential price is to point to a country to be in to disparate industry or enterprise the respect such as cost of price of electrovalency, water, blowdown takes different rate.

National hair changes appoint Hou Shiguo of floorwalker of assistant of industrial policy department expresses on the meeting, national general implements policy strictly to already executing the trade of differential electrovalency, strength of difference of whole electrovalency of progressively attune and enlarge executive limits; Be aimed at the particular case of disparate industry, large to water consumption trade considers to implement policy of differential water value; Counterpoise pollutes a business, hair change appoint studying differential blowdown is expended or add ask for blowdown to expend measure, lag behind in order to restrain produce can development.

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