Compulsive standard publishs nonferrous metal specific power consumption inside
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Yesterday, cao Baokui of deputy secretary-general of association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal discloses, national hair changes appoint take the lead the mandatory standard of specific power consumption of product of 10 nonferrous metal such as the nickel of magnalium of cupreous lead zinc that draft is being made in, will roll out inside year.

Cao Baokui expresses, this mandatory standard will divide a level: The first it is limitative class. Be like pair of cupreous smelt enterprises, will implement lowermost standard; Do not amount to mark, will stop in order to close. The 2nd it is admittance class. Basically be aimed at new enter a business, must amount to mark. The 3rd it is cause course. To amounting to prize enterprise and the enterprise that exceed a level, will fulfil certain money reward. If the respect policy such as taxation is favourable.

Cao Baokui expresses, since this year, industry of our country nonferrous metal maintained good development momentum, yield rises ceaselessly. 1-9 month, output grows 24% , advocate business Wu income grows 42% , profit grows 35% . While nonferrous metal industry grows quickly, energy-saving the pressure that reduces a platoon also grows day and day. Current, the specific power consumption of nonferrous metal industry has achieved 8-9 coal of 100 million tons of mark, 6% what take our country total specific power consumption about. As produce can expand ceaselessly, gross of specific power consumption still is expanding ceaselessly. Want to achieve the energy-saving goal decreasing a platoon of national make known to lower levels, extremely difficult.

Nevertheless, cao Baokui tells a reporter, this standard comes on stage, to current nonferrous metal the industry won't produce too big effect, but a few small companies may are faced with close stop and turn. And not big to big company influence, they can reach level of relevant specific power consumption usually. Of course, if the country carries out strength to increase to this standard, the pressure that structural adjustment of industry of industry of our country nonferrous metal, product upgrades will be increased. The additional cost that develops product of deep treatment, promotion will become the problem that nonferrous metal industry solves urgently.

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