Procurement control and ISO9001-2000
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Whether does the quality management system that crossing a country to purchase business is an enterprise to one of main demands of the supplier pass ISO9001-2000 argumentation, the company purchases a ministry to reach purchase personnel to want to had been checked by system of ISO9001-2000 system audit.

From the character consciousness that builds company quality management and promotion to purchase personnel, understanding ISO9001-2000 quality runs a system is necessary to purchasing working requirement.

ISO9001-2000 quality runs the systematic file requirement to procurement control, fractionize is 3.

The first: The process that purchase

ISO9001-2000 quality manages a system to make clear a requirement: The company of attestation of “ application ISO9001-2000 should ensure the product that purchases or service accord with a regulation purchase a requirement. Ask to organize pair of suppliers and the administrative way that purchase a product and degree, should the product comes true to follow-up product or according to place is purchased is pair of end item affect and decide. ”

Above is to ask the organization should have to purchase system and program suitably, serve those who accord with a regulation in order to ensure the product that place purchases is mixed to purchase demand. Our country great majority has the company that exports experience, have an effective purchase system and program, but the rationality of its content still exists to be improved further. Manage technology and science and technology to be changed ceaselessly now especially, business management person should pursue ceaseless progress, perfect purchase system and maneuverability.

ISO9001-2000 quality manages what systematic course of study considers risk and cost to measure, purchase system and program to want to keep stretch so, want to produce medium value in the product according to the stock that purchase and raw material, to the effect that follow-up product, end item produces, will decide how to carry out procurement control. Different stock or raw material, can have different administrative system and program. Crucial question is to whether need to have aid plans here, not important stock or raw material do not need to throw too much resource to undertake administrative waiting a moment.

Additional, the product ability that “ organization should ask according to its will evaluate supplier and choice supplier, evaluate, choice and the standard that evaluate a supplier continuously must be built. Assessment result with any improvement that put forward because of evaluating measure should undertake recording reaching saving. ”

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